So, this piqued my curiosity: Stewart Butterfield , co-founder of popular social media Flickr, announced to be working on a new game project earlier this year. Together with a new company called Tiny Speck, they were working on their first project: a side-scrolling MMO called Glitch.

Glitch MMO


First announced for 2010, the strange project has now been pushed back to Spring 2011. Also, a new site was launched together with a very bizarre new trailer. The song in the trailer says: “For a really long time, eleven giants walked around. They thought of funny things, until their thinking came alive. And that's what this game is: you're inside their thoughts. Go and make them bigger, and we'll play for a long while.”  From this, we can only conclude that this will be something almost as weird as the extremely creepy voice saying it. Seriously, that gave me nightmares.

Complete with creepy voice and angry birds.


It looks like the game will revolve around farming and other such things we’re familiar with from other social media games. But again, this seems to take a bizarre twist with skills to be gained like Teleportation, Alchemy, Levitation, etc. in even more strange settings like burning tree villages and strange mushroom forests. And to amplify your nightmarish thoughts, you’ll have to fend off packs of evil birds, called the Rook, while tending to your giants’ thought world. If anything, you can say this game will be different.

The game is getting funds from LinkedIn, Google and other such prestigious companies, so it seems like this will be a big thing. At least there’s some serious experience behind the game in terms of social media.

you can now go to their new site and sign up for early access and explore more info about the project, if you dare.

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed.

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  • Looks amazing and huge. Also looked more like an mmo apps. But whatever those 11 monsters thought and came alive, surely looks playable. I'm hoping they'd accept my early access request. Just signed up.

    Do you know whether I'll be able to play it on iphone or Nokia Nseries? These devices were listed in some polls I had to attend but said nothing more.

    Posted Nov 27, 2010
  • @Amaya:My educated guess would say yes.
    Posted Nov 27, 2010

  • Like LittleBigPlanet but way more bizarre. 

    Posted Nov 27, 2010

  • kinda looks like maple story meets harvest moon meets a total mindf***. epic

    Posted Nov 27, 2010
  • avatar RON

    Why am I having this feeling that it's going to be something more than a game? The idea of this mmo is really fantastic.

    Posted Nov 28, 2010

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