Now that the digital gamestore Impulse has been taken over by the gigantic video game chain GameStop, indie dev Blind Mind Studios feels that it can no longer support the service by offering their products on it.

Their latest game, Star Ruler, was initially set to be digitally distributed by Impulse. But now that Gamestop is pulling its strings, Blind Mind Studios no longer feels comfortable with this idea. On their official site, Blind Mind mention four main reasons to drop support of Impulse:

"- GameStop's business practices stand opposed to our goals.
- We feel they would not respect our customers.
- GameStop consistently focuses only on large budget titles and safe bets, shying away from the independent market.
- We supported Brad Wardell's direction of Impulse, and his absence ruins our faith in the service's future."


Whether you call it an act of moral responsibility or a fiendishly wily marketing stunt, the decision of Blind Mind Studios to stop Star Ruler from being sold on Impulse is certainly a smart move, as attention for this game will undoubtedly multiply itself several times as a result of this announcement.

Jesse Dolman, NoobFeed.



Blind Mind Studios


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  • i swear i don't get what's with all the gamestop hate.

    Posted Apr 10, 2011

  • Agreed with BrunoBRS. My only beef with the Aussie GameStop (EB) is that their staff is made up of 15-year-old girls.

    It'd be ironic if Blind Mind Studios turned to Steam for their future releases now...

    Posted Apr 11, 2011

  • @caityful Actually, they are.

    Posted Apr 11, 2011

  • And so the little guy looks at the big guy, spits at their face, and says "Good day sir!" and walks away proudly. joyfull indeed

    Posted Apr 11, 2011

  • No, this is pretty awesome.  I'm ALL about a game developer standing up for it's product and what it values.  I tried a demo of Star Ruler awhile back.  It's something I can see getting into in the future as I finish up some of my current games.  The fact of the matter is that more and more companies are starting to care less about what the consumer gets and would rather take the money and run.  For a company to be THIS involved in their image, it makes me feel very comfortable with them.  This is business.  In my business of specialized automotive repair, if we don't produce a quality service, no matter what the business ties formally established, we could be dropped in an instant for someone more reliable.  It's about respect to the consumer, if this company doesn't feel like gamestop has respect for the consumer in its primary vision, than why should they waste their time.  I can tell you this, as a primary PC gamer, I have no need for gamestop and their slimy service.  They have all but abandoned PC gaming as a core market.  Most Gamestops I've entered don't even have a PC selection, at which point I crap on their counter and a few console boxes and move along.   

    Posted Apr 12, 2011

  • I agree with @Frostking here. I think it's incredibly commendable when a change of regiment goes over one's head to stand strong to your ideals, despite the income you might get. I read that Star Ruler generated 1/4 of its income through Impulse and that's huge to go up and halt this large source because you do not agree with the overarching command. I can certainly see where they come from: Gamestop is a business first and a game outlet second. As an indie developer, certainly on PC, that corners you into the smallest possible hole that company has, since I've rarely heard of any indie support from Gamestop.

    Steam has a big hand in the income of indie developers, but the counterpart for that is, that they create a very decent promotion and exposure for smaller games that would otherwise not reach the audience they would. Just look at Magicka, how successful this has become through Steam.

    Posted Apr 12, 2011

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