Did you catch Konami’s big press event? I sure didn’t, because I was in the hospital. Luckily for me, I’m flooded daily with so much mails, I could drown a batch of small kittens with it. It also forces me to stay up to date with just about every line-up and Konami is a big dude with a big line-up.


NoobFeed News - E3 2011: Konami Likes Weird Fantasy Action
Yeah, I have no idea what this is either, so read below.


I don’t want to bore you with the dozens of games they have, so I picked 2 things that piqued my interests for these reasons: 1) they were not conceived by Hideo Kojima.

NeverDead is a fantasy-horror, action, gun game that’s making me trip out, what with mushroom men, one-legged playable characters and tons more crap. Also, the trailer features MegaDeath, the slow cousin of Metallica, so I’ll let the trailer speak. Wait, did that guy just rip out his own arm? Now, why would you do that?

Prepare to trip them, your spherical shapes, for NeverDead.


Blades of Time is a hack and slash game, again heavy on the fantasy. It’s similar to what I just said, but now also with swords and stuff and hopefully less mind-bending immortals trying to die. The trailer doesn’t speak at all in this one, except if you count saying ‘Konami’ to be narration. But what we know is that you’ll play with a girl called Ayumi and that she’ll have skills, combos and all that RPG stuff and also time manipulation. I hope to see more of this.


Incidentally, Neverdead is being made by ex-employees of the Kojima stable, but shut up and have bundle of screenshots.

Gallery Neverdead
Gallery Blades of Time

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed. (@DaavPuke)

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  • The biggest bummer about that event was it wasn't live; it was pre-recorded.


    But man, Transfarring? Really? Come on!

    Posted Jun 09, 2011

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