Nintendo's Coping With Losses

By Daavpuke, Posted 29 Jul 2011

It’s not all sunshine and dreamlands in the Nintendo universe anymore. No more pink fluffy dudes hopping around spreading joy. Well, they’re still there, but they’re going to get a bit gloomier when they realize the tough times ahead.

NoobFeed News - Nintendo's Coping With Losses
Gloom. Pretty clever, ey?

After reporting severe losses for the first time in like ever, Nintendo is scrambling to make amends. They’ve already cut down the 3DS price by one third, even though it just released. But since that also shafts every current owner of a 3D handheld, Nintendo is now also offering 20 free games for early adopters. Yay or nay? Anyway, the titles will consist of 10 NES classics that will later be available to the public, but also 10 GBA ‘classics’ that as of yet have no solid release plans. But knowing the big N, they’re bound to cram old titles down your throat somewhere down the line.

NoobFeed News - Nintendo's Coping With Losses
Got boned by Nintendo? No worries, you're getting paid, like a certain profession..

And on the corporate level, things are also shaking. Since all this tragedy talk is not resonating well with corporate fat cats (does Nintendo have a fat cat character? Meowth?), stocks have been going on a rollercoaster ride, but not in a good way. After the shares decreased in value ‘somewhat’, people demanded answers and Nintendo answered in full. Satoru Iwata announced he will immediately take a price cut of 50%, which the board of directors will follow up with 20 to 30% cuts. That’s pretty damned admirable, but not a singular action. Earlier this year Kazuo Hirai also announced to be taking a price cut after a certain debacle.

Good times in video game land, ey?

Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed. (@Daavpuke)

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  • wow seems the 3ds cause more problems then solving any, but as for the gba and nes games i think the retro gamers will rejoice but more modern gamers are not gonna be as appreciative.

    Posted Jul 29, 2011

  • Well this was a surprise...really really was...i guess no one is untouchable

    Posted Jul 30, 2011

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