There’s more PSP news than the Legend of Heroes announcement? Is that possible these days? Apparently it can, as Ghostlight is determined to ride the last generation out in style with Persona 2: Innocent Sin. Wait, didn’t they also release Persona 4 after the generation bell tolled for Playstation 2? I guess that’s why they’re the light of ghosts shining on. Lame poetic aspirations aside the game will, like the prior title, come with a neat collector’s edition and hold these items:


·         Special Collector’s Edition box


·         UMD box featuring a double sided inlay (a double inlay looks like this)


·         Official Soundtrack CD with original and remixed soundtrack, as well as arranged songs by Shoji Meguro all packaged in a stylish slim jewel case with inlay


·         6 Double Sided Art Cards featuring the work of Kazuma Kaneko on the front and Shigenori Soejima on the reverse


·         A3 Poster featuring the box art in all its glory


·         EXCLUSIVE Persona 2: Innocent Sin T-shirt when you pre-order from the Ghostlight store


NoobFeed News - Parsona 2 Innocent Sin PSP Collector's Edition
Click here to look at all the goodies from the Persona 2 Innocent Sin CE.

Again, not too shabby, is it? I haven’t seen a T-shirt since that last Guilty Gear XX bundle, which had some truly insane stuff in it. The rest is fairly standard stuff, but as always, I’m always down for some Collector’s editions that don’t just give you a card or two and a sticker. Dates and prices of both Legend of Heroes and Persona 2 are promised to be revealed shortly, so get the wallets out and let your PSP die with grace.


Daav Valentaten, NoobFeed. (@Daavpuke)

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  • I wonder who still has a psp and is willing to buy this game on noobfeed?

    Posted Sep 18, 2011

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