Super Street Fighter IV is essentially an updated version – or sequel of sorts – to the 2009 smash-hit Street Fighter IV, which we recently presented as our best fighting game of last year and deservedly so. The game is being produced by Capcom.

The announcement of the games forthcoming release was one of anti-climax as the German version of GamePro magazine printed pictures that they believed was Street Fighter IV but mistakenly were of a new character called T. Hawk with a metallic S behind the Street Fighter logo in the background, most commonly found in the ‘Super’ editions.

The game is set to have around eight-to-ten new characters added to the roster. The aforementioned T. Hawk and another character from Super Street Fighter II have both been confirmed, as has a brand new character to the series named Juri – a young woman from South Korea, who uses the art of Taekwondo to best her opponents. Perhaps more unique is an energy-boosting device found in her eye that gives her an extra edge.

Other confirmed characters are Cody and Guy from Final Fight, a game Capcom produced back in 1989, and an even older character in Adon, who appeared in the first Street Fighter back in 1987,

You can find a teaser trailer for the game with a tagline that reads ‘SUPER CHARGED’ then beneath ‘More Fighters. More Modes. More Action' via the link below.

The game is set for a March, 2010 release and I’m sure there will be a lot more information revealed as the weeks roll by, so keep it glued to NoobFeed for new information as and when we know it.

Craig Bryan, NoobFeed

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  • Thanks for the info Craig. Hopefully it will be another success of the series, the new characters and hopefully some new moves will definitely help.

    Posted Jan 06, 2010

  • Not very long left. Certainly going to be a good fighting game :D

    Posted Jan 06, 2010

  • Yeah, from what we've seen it's very impressive so far.

    Posted Jan 06, 2010

  • Street Fighter never disappoints.

    Posted Jan 07, 2010

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