Football Manager 2011

By canana, Posted 01 Nov 2010

To manage a football/soccer team is no easy task, and simulators that are developed for that purpose usually are simple, and allow casual players to play games generally with a limited audience, but faithful. Football Manager is one of them, and although the interface is  enjoyable that will help more for the casual experience, the game is still very complicated.

As with all the previews we try to take all the juice of the various game systems to  find problems, verify construction flaws and all. However, these do not exist in Football Manager 2011, since it is basically a series of pages that show the statistics needed to manage your professional soccer team.


Football Manager 2011 has a fairly elaborate exhibition matches, which can be customized at will by the player and that makes a better gaming experience than simply to look at the score. There are so many options that can not even figure out all the systems secret. A positive point, however, is that the initial settings generally do well for starters, and as time passes you can adjust everything to any settings that you like. Of course this takes time, but this is the kind of game that should receive heavy investment in terms of gameplay hours to get results.

The interface itself is very good, with clearly defined buttons, a tabs system that appropriately divides the different functions of the manager and the aspects that will surely help him. Who is a veteran of such games will take advantage of this new and improved version, which visually indicates where the player must go to perform a certain action.



Football Manager 2011 keeps the spirit of the franchise alive and offers its users a truly complete and detailed experience. Who want to spend as much time as a team coach is managing his players (or even more) can do it. But it always departs those who do not want to invest that much on a hobby.

Football Manager 2011 will be released on November 5 for PSP and Mac, while its PC version kicks off November 16. So you better start preparing the drawing board and study the tactics and the players market. The new virtual season is about to begin.

Marco Cecilio, NoobFeed

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  • Played the demo from day 1 and a lot aspects have been improved. If we want, we can have TOTAL control of the team, especially regarding the training sessions and they areas they should be focused, even individually to every player. The press conferences have been vastly improved, while team meetings are very interesting as well. Plenty of injuries and still there though, I sense a patch on release date as well.

    Posted Nov 02, 2010

  • Boring games to me these managerial ones :(

    Posted Nov 02, 2010

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