Echochrome II

By canana, Posted 15 Nov 2010

When Sony announced Move, many users complained of their resemblance to the Wiimote and the fact that the main title compatible with the new technology will also be a sports game. What was new, because everything seemed to be an improved version of Nintendo's new technology?

The answer seems to be in Echochrome 2, a game that uses the new Playstation 3 resource in a very creative manner. It simply transforms the controller with motion sensor in a flashlight for you to solve puzzles based on shadows. Sounds complicated, but in practice is quite simple. The logic is still the same as the previous title, released for PSP and PS3, where you must drive a little character along the trail formed by the projection of objects in the scene. The difference is that this time the pieces are still moving and who is the focus of light, represented by the tip of your control. When modifying the lighting angle, the shape of the stage is also changed.

Moreover, the new Echochrome also features improved graphics over its predecessor. The levels are more colorful and with more elaborate design. The difficulty also followed the trend, making the game challenging even for someone used to solve puzzles. To complete the levels, you need to make the small character to reach the exit. At the beginning this is straightforward, since the door is clearly visible. The problem arises when you need to create it by joining a spherical object with another rectangle. All of this happends while the shadow man walks the path that you created yourself.

To help you in this hardous task, there are little tricks hidden in the stages, a well that causes the character falling off the platform or a type of elevator used to reach high areas, formed with a specific empty material. The hints for solving puzzles are scarce. The help is your flashlight, and a short sentence used to describe each stage. Thus, you need to understand that "The smile is the smile of things", and discover the best way to the finish.

Finally, Echochrome 2 also offers a way of creating stages. So, instead of simply projecting the shadows based on light by Move, you also include the parts and create your own challenges, which may be available online for other players to overcome your creation. Echochrome 2 was announced at GamesCom this year, the game is exclusive to the PlayStation 3 unlike its predecessor,  also available for Sony's portable. However, there is still no release date.

Marco Cecilio, NoobFeed

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  • Interesting game concept looks like it can get very challenging.

    Posted Nov 18, 2010

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