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By canana, Posted 23 Nov 2010

Killzone 3 is underway. The fourth title in the franchise, first to use 3D support, is going to push the limits of the PlayStation 3 - at least that's what Hermen Hulst, executive at Guerilla Games is promising. Many were astonished about the announcement before the Electronic Entertainment Expo 2010, but what really matters is that the fans can now delight with the continuous updates from the highly anticipated PS3 exclusive and testimony the struggle against the Helghast. The gameplay should not be too far from the dynamics presented in Killzone 2, but the title will include numerous tweaks and some new features, starting with the scenarios. Unlike previous titles, Killzone 3 will have great environments, most hostile, like Arctic landscapes, jungles and other scenarios not very friendly. Killzone 3 will also feature fully destructible environments, a great leap forward compared to its predecessor.  

The main guilty for a great success is its multiplayer, in Killzone 3, it's better than never. The clashes between gamers are even more exciting, as there are jetpacks, robots and more possibilities of destruction. Each class will offer six different skills and six weapons that the player may customize.

The Engineer closely resembles what is shown in Killzone 2. The focus of this fighter is the creation of turrets and repair of containers full of ammunition and weapons. As usual, this is a support class. The biggest change is the main weapon. The shotgun has given rise to a  very attractive light machine gun. That makes sense, since this type of soldier should not expect that the opponents are close to eliminating them. The fighting style, therefore, has been modified and requires that the fans of this class to spend some time learning about the class.


Formerly known as the Saboteur, the Infiltrator uses the camouflage to do damage. The difference is that this class received the Engineer's shotgun. Thus, there is a strong combination of discretion and temporary devastating firepower. It has never been so fun - and effective - "playing infiltration."

Many complained about the Tactician in Killzone 2, but the developers paid attention to the complaints and decided to work on this class. The strategy of this warrior became more appealing because those who play with this type of soldier did not have grenades right at the spawn point (appearance on the battlefield). Now you need to unlock certain areas on the map to obtain explosives. Moreover, the Tactician received the ability Spot and Mark. It combines perfectly with the style of the character. Remember that spot and Mark is an action that shows the locations of enemies on the map. Finally, this fighter can get help from a personal robot.

Previously known as the Scout, the Marksman was slightly modified. He has a scoped rifle, but there is also a gun that has a faster rate of firing. Traditionally, the main ability of this class is an invisibility device, perfect for snipers on duty.

Field Medic - Want more support than this? In addition to heal and put the allies back to life, the Field Medic has a personal robot to aid in combat. Not only that, if it has received a considerable amount of damage, this soldier can recover. Revenge is more enjoyable when you live to tell the story, isn't it?


According to data revealed by videos and pictures, the artwork of the game is very appealing. The beautiful graphical reproduction shows that the yellow smoke, ash in the air and snow - sometimes bloody - are brought into line with the land structure on which gamers exchange fire without stopping. Buildings and other objects make the battles even more challenging. Who was looking forward to improvements in the gameplay can become more peaceful. The lag (delay in response time) was c onsiderablyreduced . Furthermore, there was a refinement of the system of experience points. More? Well, the Beta indicated the emergence of a mode in which artificial intelligence - using bots - in charge to quickly train the beginners. Besides, for those who encounter problems with the traditional controls, is offered the possibility to change the controller settings.

In beta testing are offered three maps and three game modes. The modes are Guerrilla Warfare (nothing more than the traditional Team Deathmatch), Warzone (from time to time, the game randomly generates a mission for the player's faction) and Operations (different goals in a contract in which the Helghast must repel an incursion from the faction ISA).


New areas to fans of the franchise and an extremely high level in graphic detail combined with the stress in battlefield. Each of the three regions portraits a dense atmosphere. One map is Frozen Dam, which illustrates a factory located in a quarter-circle of concrete. The snow is out there, so the ideal is to keep your eyes open. There are several paths from a strategic point to another, so Warzone fits perfectly with this scenario.

Another environment is Corinth Highway, a ruined place where the pollution is choking. In this area, smashed the buildings form a backdrop to the excellent use of biped robots. Finally, there is the Turbine Concourse SE-6, the most complex map of all. The screen shows a partially dismantled plant, taken by a light green color. The lights are generated by a machine that temporarily disables the radar of the combatants. In SE-6, strange noises are just the beginning. The place is taken by trenches, equipment and even bizarre robotic arms in the background, often able to attract the attention of the player. You can enhance the agility  with the use of a jetpack. The flight pack provides only a short boost in the air, but it is recharged quickly so you can make consecutive jumps.

The leveling system is satisfactory. Furthermore, the different classes (inheriting characteristics of engineers and snipers, for example) have a reasonable diversification. The Infiltrator has a scope rifle and a skill that allows to trasform in an enemy soldier. It is clear that these actions are traditional in the genre, as melee kills, heal allies and become invisible. Perks (special skills) and extra weapons. What do you think of using one object that mixes a pistol with a shotgun?

It is expected that all these changes, Move support, leveling system (experience points), different gameplay modes (such as Guerrilla Warfare and Operations ), clan creation  and other resources to form a peaceful final product... Killzone 3 will be released exclusively for PlayStation 3 users on February 22,2011. 

Marco Cecilio, NoobFeed

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  • The game looks and sounds awesome, too bad I don't own a PS3.

    Posted Nov 23, 2010

  • Standing beside Kelaidis

    Posted Nov 24, 2010

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