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By canana, Posted 14 Jan 2011

Crysis is one of the most impressive games of the last decade. Crytek, the famous company responsible for developing the title, was able to create a simply fabulous engine, which generated photorealistic graphics that set a new benchmark for the industry. Despite being released in 2007, the title is still considered one of the most beautiful games with jaw-dropping environments and diverse elements full of detail. The company is also known by other titles such as Far Cry, which hit stores in 2004, with the debut of the company, and Crysis Warhead, a spin-of 2008. However, everyone is waiting for the true sequence of Crysis - and the opening of an even higher level. During the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) 2009, Crysis 2 has finally been revealed. To the surprise of many, Electronic Arts said the game also come to the next-generation platforms - the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. After a while finally we have some information to feed the anxiety of the fans. Apparently, Crysis 2 will not make the same mistakes of the first and still promises to bring more detailed environments and more abilities to the player. Ready?

Crytek guarantees that many will be surprised again with the power of its new engine, the CryEngine 3. A video demonstration of the engine has left many speechless, displaying interactions in the PC and next-generation consoles with unmatched quality. With this, the company's 600 members seek to create something that can make the most of every platform and Crysis 2 should be the first proof of this beauty. But what is the plot of the game? Here, we will have more urban environments, featuring large cities, but in a different way. Everything is destroyed and the player will experience the moments that portray a real life after the apocalypse. Anyone who has played games like Fallout 3 and, especially, Prototype will certainly have a good sense of what will be seen in Crysis 2. The game is set three years after the events of the first, depicting the year 2023, and has a background in a specific place: Manhattan. The island is decimated, the 20 million people crushed and other places on the planet - like London and Rio de Janeiro - simply do not exist.

There are unanimous reports from critics who tested the demo. Certain details are very flashy, well made as textures on pieces of broken concrete. A shower of sparks portrays the disaster that has overtaken the place, as buildings crumble all around.The new outfit is attractive, but more simplified. No more chance to quickly switch between the available skills. Instead, pre-made cluster configurations of attributes - such as speed and strength - with skills. Now, the super jump can be executed at any time, but the quick race (sprint) has an effect as striking as before (as was the ability true speed).

Many enemies on the screen, showing that not everything is as easy as it sounds. Even though the character has a good variety of weapons for the extermination of even robotic beings (to all appearances, controlled by the aliens) in Grand Central Station. The assault rifle is just the beginning. Mounted machine guns can help in combat, but even better is to experience the grenade launcher, whose alternate mode of fire is the fire bombs. If all this does not stop the opponents, there is always the possibility of planting C4 explosives in strategic locations. Against giant enemies, even the rocket launcher can take effect. The best option is the device known as Swarmer. With it, everything gets more interesting. Each shot fired sends about eight small rockets for the opponents. A huge robot can be defeated, with the combined use of the  mounted weapon and the Swarmer.

Anyone who has played the first game should know that one of the differences for the other shooters is the nanosuit. This is a special suit that gives the user a number of interesting powers, which may be decisive in some battles. However, in multiplayer , it might work? Before starting to climb everything in sight, you must select which mode you want to play. Altogether, we have six different modes to be enjoyed, but only two have been shown so far: Team Instant Action and Alien Crash Site. In each you will find two factions: Marines and Cell.

 The first option is a sort of Team Deathmatch in which the goal is simple: accumulate more murders than the opposing team before time runs out. In this mode you get a radar in the bottom left of your screen that indicates where the enemies are - they appear as small red circles on the map. Here lies between two skyscrapers and filth. One building is much older than the other, so it's nice to see no difference in the decoration of each one of them. Crytek is giving more life to the multiplayer modes. Beyond the Team Instant Action mode, we also mentioned the Alien Crash Site. This way, as the name implies, is nothing suitable for those who have some aliens phobia. The reason? Early in this type arise alien spaceships flying and leave some strange elements in the map. 

Crysis 2 also features several different classes like Sniper, Assault and Ranger, which have their own weapons and abilities. During multiplayer you can select another class when you want. There are 80 levels to be reached, 20 Improvements for your costume, 20 guns and 250 Dog Tags. All this is achieved by accumulating experience during the games. In the end you get the reward, provided according to their performance and play style.

The game is a great promise and the team really seems to be working hard to create a game that is not just a beautiful game. The visual effects and graphic beauty will not be spared, but the gameplay is getting more attention, which is a gift for fans of FPS in general. Crysis 2 hits stores on March 22, 2011 for PC, PS3 and X360. Stay tuned for more information here at NoobFeed! 

Marco Cecilio, NoobFeed

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  • I pre-ordered this game 5 months ago

    Posted Jan 15, 2011

  • Everything about Crysis was good but I couldn't love the game. Had this feeling that the game is missing its soul. Nice preview Cecilio. Just like everyone I too will be buying this sequel.

    Posted Jan 15, 2011

  • Hell this is about time

    Posted Jan 15, 2011

  • Ive been looking forward to this sense its announcement. I wish i could have played the PC version. Maybe if i find it ill try it with my new computer. Im sure itll handle it fine.

    Haha I remember seeing this demo back at e3, brings back good memories!

    Posted Jan 16, 2011

  • ill take your advice on that!!!!

    Posted Jan 18, 2011

  • gotta play this game just have to the video got me hooked

    Posted Feb 22, 2011

  • A lil dissapointing that they are not going to include vehicles. I hope that the duration of one match will not be too short.

    Posted Feb 24, 2011

  • The Xbox 360 multiplayer demo of this is awesome. Had trouble getting myself to turn the game off. Preordered it for PC, though.

    Posted Feb 25, 2011

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