Secrets of the Titanic

The clock is ticking, can you change the fate of the Titanic?

By RON, Posted 18 Dec 2012

The suspense builds rapidly as you play in our current time period as Eva, a young girl who is taking a cruise on the ship "Invincible" with her family. The plot thickens when she puts on her grandmother's necklace and starts to experience flashbacks, and finds herself on board the Titanic armed with the knowledge to change history as we know it.

Gamers can switch between the two time periods, 2012 and 1912, and can chose to race against time, or progress at their own rate (Relaxed Mode). By solving puzzles scattered throughout the game, players will discover the truth behind the world's greatest maritime tragedy of all time will be unlocked and it is from here that players learn that having a say in what goes on in the past has a severe impact on the future.

As gamers explore the ships, and learn about the past they must uncover hundreds of objects hidden aboard both ships. Items vary from passports, to cigar boxes, as well as hats and brooches for example. When the objects are found, they are added to an inventory list displayed on the bottom screen designed to be readily available in case a puzzle or a problem arises.

Along with these features players will be able to meet different characters along the journey who may help or hinder the player. As well as explore a plethora of iconic locations such as, the boiler rooms, the infamous first class stairwell, the upper deck, and much more. Created to test logic, problem solving, and hidden object skills, this game will be a great game for any fan of puzzle adventures. The clock is ticking, can you change the fate of the Titanic? Gamers can find out April 13th, 2013.

Matthew Wheeler, NoobFeed (Twitter)

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General Information

Platform(s): PC, 3DS
Publisher(s): Avanquest Software
Developer(s): Avanquest Software
Genres: Puzzle
Themes: Puzzle
Release Date: 2012-06-29

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