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I wish I could like Defiance more than I do.

By Daavpuke, Posted 25 Mar 2013

It’s a show about a game or a game about a show? When first explained about the crossovers in Defiance, an upcoming MMO shooter, there was a bit of confusion. Apparently, the two media, TV and games, will merge as one when the franchise launches almost simultaneously to show a universe of alien invasions and lots of guns, cars and explosions. So far, it unfortunately doesn’t transcend the MMO slump; that empty vibe of just going through the motions. Still, with a competent and connecting third person shooter behind it, this game with longevity might find some dedicated players willing to sink time in its many quests, upgrades and so on.

After a choice of some generic classes, players are put into a formal training ground where the game’s mechanisms are explained. Aside from standard shooting rules, avatars receive a special power with a cooldown timer. This timed element is equally true for a throw weapon and a rechargeable shield that can take some punishment. Even health replenishes over time, so there’s no immediate need to manage health vials and the likes. Once the player chooses between powers such as cloaking or extra damage and so forth, the real battle in the large universe of Defiance begins.

Defiance (MMO) Gameplay Preview - NoobFeed

As this is a large warzone, the atmosphere exudes this dreary, monochrome atmosphere. There will be plenty of brown hills and decaying structures, offset by metallic operation centers and other establishments void of any life or color. It certainly isn’t the most pleasing map to run around in from what we’ve seen, but at least there are experience rewards for players that go discover new hideouts, bridges and abandoned buildings on their way. To help them reach faraway places, a vehicle is quickly given out. It’s a bit wonky, but that as well gets the job done. These elements are reminiscent of games like Rage, in a lesser sense. It’s that traditional post-apocalyptic generation of games where everything is depressing.

Luckily, many quests are scattered across the map to keep the mind busy. Go here, kill that, scan this, bring back X of Y; it’s nothing extraordinary, but it is plentiful and varied across the large map. In addition, players can participate in races to change the format a bit. More fortunately though, combat takes a close look over the player’s soldier and keeps controls tight, so that shootouts are entertaining in certain circumstances. Clearing out a building complex can be intense, with skulking enemies, snipers on higher tiers and monster coming to mess up plans. Still, in other times, just taking post somewhere and unloading until everything is dead doesn’t necessarily spark the same active feeling. Even with ample loot and equipment upgrades, there is little satisfaction to be had from only engaging in minimal ways in this otherwise finely tuned combat.

Defiance (MMO) Gameplay Preview - NoobFeed

As to the longevity factor of Defiance, there is no question it is adequate enough. With tons of customization options and hundreds of quests, a giant map and more, players can entertain themselves for quite some time. It even goes as far as adding refined gameplay elements. It may not follow that up with action that stays engaging for long, but those willing to overlook a certain staleness could get immersed in the decent combat. For more information, please view the gameplay commentaries below.

Daav Valentaten
, NoobFeed. (@Daavpuke)

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  • Defiance still remains a promising title.
    Posted Mar 26, 2013
  • I could take it or leave it. I think I'm going to leave it.
    Posted Mar 27, 2013


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