Take on Mars

Unlock the secrets of Mars, courtesy of Bohemia Interactive

By Gabriel_P, Posted 15 Mar 2015

Developed by Bohemia Interactive, Take on Mars is a Mars exploration simulator. You simulate the role of a space station coordinator, responsible for the execution of missions dedicated to exploring the planet of Mars. In addition to this, you also act as a rover operator, allowing you to explore the planet first hand.

Most of the missions that are required to be completed involve determining the composition of the atmosphere, or just simply capturing photographs of the surrounding area. You start off with a collection of basic rovers and a modest budget. As you complete more missions, your budget increases. You can spend money on building new rovers and upgrading existing ones. Certain upgrades can include improving the camera quality, sensors, and increased power sources. As you start, you will only be able to take black and white pictures of the red planet. After completing missions, you will acquire more money, eventually allowing you to buy drills, atmosphere processors and of course, colour cameras. You are also able to build and upgrade Landers. Before you launch your aircrafts bound for Mars, you are able to use a testing facility to make sure all your equipment works properly.

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Everything in the game progresses in real time, i.e. 1 second in real time = 1 second in game time. You do however, have the option of advancing time. To increase realism however, you can opt to disable this feature, meaning that you will often have to sit around literally doing nothing other than monitoring your rovers or playing on the arcade game in the space control centre. The speed that the rovers travel also simulate, realistically, that of a real rover. This means that it can take several hours just to travel 500 metres or so. Being Mars, there is a lot of tough terrain that you must navigate. The 20 minute delay between Earth and Mars is not considered in Take on Mars however, so this is not a hard task.

Bohemia Interactive have, rather cleverly, incorporated an educational feel to Take on Mars. After each mission, you learn something new about the planet of Mars. With the game being in such an early stage, all you’re doing is launching landers and rovers on Mars, with each one of them being a bit more advanced than the next. But with each hour of gameplay, you’ll learn a lot about Mars, most likely, things that you had no clue about.

Take on Mars also features a multiplayer feature. The basic premise of this feature is, players working together to build a colony on Mars. To create a sustainable colony, you are required to grow food, recycle waste, and pressurise buildings. In order to technologically advance your colony, you must carry out various scientific experiments. You can also build a complete base with a control centre, observatory, and a landing pad. The features of multiplayer could potentially be endless once it is fully developed.

Take on Mars has the potential to become one of the leading games in this genre. It is a game, or a simulator rather, that is allows you to explore and learn about Mars at your own rate. You are the director. Drive a rover around the red planet, unlocking and learning its secrets.

Gabriel Polychronis, NoobFeed (@G_Polychronis)

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