Dead Rising 4 NYCC Preview

Killing loads of zombies, and having fun

By Grayshadow, Posted 07 Oct 2016

At this year's New York Comic Con Capcom showcased the latest installment in the Dead Rising series and the return of Frank West. The demo was an earlier build of the game, with the demo's purpose being rendering zombies and gameplay mechanics. Limited to 5 minutes I had a blast killing zombies.

This was the first time I've played Dead Rising but was able to adapt to the control scheme quickly. New to the Dead Rising franchise is the exosuit, a mechanic suit that increases Frank's strength and durability, can wield heavy weapons like the mini-gun and flame thrower, and can't be grabbed by the horde. It felt empowering to be in this suit, and made me appreciate more when it was gone.

Dead Rising has always been about crafting and using unique weapons. The demo didn't allow for crafting but within the build I was able to use several weapons. An electrically charged Battleaxe that can decimate enemies with a single swing or summon an area-of-effect lightning storm, a car with a mini-gun attached to the roof, and an ice sword that freezes enemies solid. I had a blast within the 5 minutes of gameplay, especially taking selfies with Frank West's camera.

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Dead Rising 4 is shaping up of become another zombie slaying hit. The developer explained to me that the latest product is much more polished and refined, but this demo blew me away. For someone who has grown bored with killing zombies this was surprisingly refreshing.

Dead Rising 4 launches on Xbox One and Windows 10 December 6th. This is a timed exclusive and Dead Rising 4 will come to PS4 and PC later.

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