Luigi's Mansion 3 E3 2019 Hands-On Preview | Ghost Hunting With a Gooey Friend

Luigi's Mansion 3 is looking like the sequel every fan has been looking forward too since the GameCube era

By Grayshadow, Posted 15 Jun 2019

Luigi has a natural when it comes to battling ghost. Armed with state of the art equipment Luigi has defeated legendary supernatural creatures. Now, Luigi must do it once again after King Boo captured his brother and friends. I had the chance to play the demo at E3 2019 and it not only captures the iconic ghost hunting experience but gives Luigi more options of how to defeat the supernatural threats.

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Luigi may be cowardly but he's armed to take on any ghostly challenge. With his updated Poltergust G-00 that can slam and destroy enemy ghost defenses. But Luigi is not alone this time, with Gooigi, an ectoplasmic version of himself, come to aid Luigi in his quest to save his friends.

Much of the core gameplay remains here. Luigi exposes enemy hearts using his flashlight and attempts to suck them into his Poltergust. However, the Ghosts are aware of this and have implemented defenses such as armor and shields to block these burst of light. Fortunately, Luigi's Poltergust comes with a new suck function that can pull and destroy these defenses.

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The ghost themselves are much stronger than the original games, but Luigi is equipped to handle this. With his new slam ability, Luigi can quickly drain the ghost's stamina. When sucking in ghosts Luigi was defenseless in previous games, not anymore. Using the slam Luigi can block and hurt other ghosts in the area.

Gooigi is the biggest new addition to Luigi's Mansion 3. This replica of Luigi is completely made of a greenish ooze, able to move through spikes and hit switches Luigi cannot reach. In addition, a friend can take control of Gooigi during the single-player campaign.

The demo provided a brief look at all of these new gameplay additions, along with a boss battle. The creative ways to use Gooigi opened up new areas and unlocked hidden treasures. A feature notoriously used in the Luigi Mansion's series for increasing one's rank.

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The final boss did offer somewhat of a challenge. Requiring Luigi to constantly dodge increasing oncoming fire, avoid direct contact with the boss, and slam the ghost to expose his heart. Ending with a final battle as you attempt to suck the ghost into your Poltergust. It all kept with the theme and atmosphere of Luigi's Mansion.

While it wasn't present in the demo the Scarescraper will be making a return. Introduced in Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon up to 8 players can venture up the tower and clear floors of increasingly harder challenges.

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Luigi's Mansion 3 still captures that dark cartoonish atmosphere the series is known for. With smooth animations, fun gameplay, and creative puzzles. The demo was short and to the point, highlighting the different possibilities of using Gooigi in both puzzles solving and combat. Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon was a great installment in this dormant franchise but Luigi's Mansion 3 is looking like the sequel every fan has been looking forward too since the GameCube era.

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