Fiction Sphere Play NYC Hands-On Preview

Fiction Sphere is looking to be an intense action-adventure combat shooting that will test the most seasoned gamer.

By Grayshadow, Posted 11 Aug 2019

When playing Fiction Sphere it was hard not to draw a connection to Capcom's Mega Man X series. However, once started, the game took on its own identity. Featuring challenging gameplay that combines active shooting and melee combat. Focusing heavily on evading damage above all as any damage can be fatal.

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Fiction Sphere centers on humans who have succumbed to an infection called Phanteria. Those immune to the infection have gained supernatural abilities and now called "Excells". Years later Astral Technologies was created and vanguard the countermeasure called The Apostoloids. Now fighting alongside the Excells for a new chapter of survival.

The demo consisted of showing off protagonist Ratio's melee and blaster abilities. The level consisted of a destroyed city and the retro style character models add to the 2D charm. Overall, the game looked like a something set in the Mega Man X universe.

Combo wise, Fiction Sphere plays like a 2D fighter. Players can link 3 abilities into 3 face buttons and toggle between them. Ratio's blaster can be charged up to level 3 for added damage and combined with his melee attacks. The control scheme was a challenge to use, especially when facing multiple enemies that can stun-lock you. It became clear that mistakes, such as damage, was harshly punished. Instead, you have to avoid damage just as much as inflect it. Making Ratio more of a glass cannon. 

Precision, execution, and timing are all required even against the most basic enemies. Dodging, counter-attacking, and chaining together a mix of blasting and melee attacks are constantly needed for success. Certain sections do require you to shoot in the background but the aiming reticle is easy to use, allowing the player to focus what's in the foreground while shooting in the background.

Platformer took some time to get used to. Ratio cannot wall hike indefinitely and is limited to 1 before propelling to the opposing side of the wall. This can be unforgiving during single-platforming challenges as when I missed leaping on top of the platform death was certain. The checkpoint system was a bit more forgiving and allowed me to try again instantly.

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When faced with a giant robot during the halfway point the difficulty rose once again. Enemy attack patterns required not only precision to dodge but I needed to be aware of lingering effects. A giant beam would remain present on the field at the point of impact when the robot used a laser. Despite dodging the incoming laser I needed to ensure that those lasers hit a point where I can continue to avoid damage.

Overall Fiction Sphere looks amazingly promising. The game is challenging and the art style pays tribute to classic titles on the SNES and SEGA Genesis. The combo system encourages creativity by combining both melee and shooting. Lastly, the game is challenging. Even on the easiest difficulty Fiction Sphere punishes mistakes as you're expected to avoid damage as much as possible.

Fiction Sphere does not have a release date and is currently being funded through Kickstarter

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