Squish Play NYC Preview - A Gooey Good Time

Survive the rave by any means in Squish.

By Grayshadow, Posted 09 Aug 2021

The idea of having a bunch of friends over and playing games still lives today despite the convenience of online gaming. In fact, online gaming has made party games even more enticing as seen with titles such as Mario Party, Fall Guys, and many more. And Squish highlights are the aspects of a great party title. With Squish providing an intense competitive calamitous experience as you attempt to bury your opponent beneath a 2-ton brick.


The story is that 4 friends went to a rave and partied so hard that the roof is collapsing. Now you must survive by any means, even if that means your friends do not. The rules of Squish are simply, squish the other players by any means. Players can push blocks that constantly fall from the roof and use various specialized blocks that range from bombs to ghost skulls. Once dead you have 1 opportunity to return to the fight by squishing another player using a single block you control.

These are not the only environmental hazards you'll encounter. The arena will sometimes come with pre-set blocks for instant kills if you're not paying attention and the walls will close in. Thanks to great environmental design the arenas all look amazing as the DJ in the back rocks on despite being part of a game to the death.

All of this allows for some hectic matches. With players darting everywhere, you can easily make a mistake. Similar to Bomberman where you find you just boxed yourself and have to attempt your fate.

The characters you control are called Skelegoos and are incredibly designed. They look like Sonic Adventure's Chao but made of goo. This makes following your character much easier as things will get chaotic, with more blocks falling as the match continues.


The preview only included 1 competitive mode where 4 players engage in the basic game's concepts. However, 5 different modes will be provided at launch. Squish does have the promise to become an excellent streamer-friendly title. Add a decent progression system to keep players hooked and that will give players more desire to keep playing.

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Platform(s): PC
Publisher(s): PM Studios, inc.
Developer(s): Grave Rave games
Genres: Action
Themes: Party
Release Date: 2022

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