Scrap Bringer Play NYC Preview - Punch Without Mercy

Take on the dangers of the megacity with your fists in Scrap Bringer.

By Grayshadow, Posted 09 Aug 2021

You've played twin-stick shooters but how about a twin-stick puncher? Scrap Bringer place you on the streets of the megacity and you're goal is to explore the streets and attempt to defeat the most dangerous people around. Punching, drinking, and blowing up your way through the crumbling city streets.

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You cannot just punch your way through everything, that'll just lead to a quick death. Instead, the developers included a combo system that encourages tactical gameplay. The protagonist can dodge and evade oncoming hits with a short or long dodge and counter with an array of attacks. The most basic being quick jabs and more complicated ones providing extra damage.

Scrap Bringer is not an easy game and promotes aggressive play. Players earn power by causing damage that allows the use of various abilities such as beats transformation that provides longer reach, an RPG, and healing. Enemies do not wait and will attack independently requiring the player to control the environment. This is through pulling enemies away from larger groups, clever movement, or by hitting enemies with garbage cans to stun them.

Each time you defeat enemies you're given money to use for upgrades. The upgrades provided in the preview included an RPG and a mutated form that allows for greater reach and speed. The developers promised a lot more will be available to the player.

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The limited environment I was able to travel through highlighted the incredible hand-drawn visuals. Each enemy was well animated and felt it would be right at home in shows like Invader Zim or Ren and Stimpy. The background is lush and intricate in its design, weaving a tale of decay and poverty. The developers really outdid themselves in the atmospheric design of the area I played through.

Despite death being overwhelmed or making a single mistake that snowballs Scrap Bringer does have some moments of forgiveness. The most significant being shortcuts that allow the player to bypass large areas to reach the part.

Scrap Bringer doesn't attempt to hold your hand and encourages players to keep trying and learning from past mistakes. Pushing through the front lines to reach the final fight against an extremely powerful and fast enemy that did heavy damage. It was a worthy challenge to overcome indeed. If this is what is expected from the final product you better bring your A game.

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