Space Cat 9 Play NYC Preview - Save the Moon in 9 Lives

Run, dodge, and save the moon at the Space Cat 9.

By Grayshadow, Posted 10 Aug 2021

Procedurally generation is a difficult thing to pull off, especially in a roguelike platform. 20XX  was successful and now Space Cat 9 is seeking to do the same. With players attempting to save the moon from the Maniacal Mice with just 9 lives.

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Players take control of a cat seeking to defeat the robotic mouse creations set lose by their creators. The pixel art is appealing and the animations are smooth. With the title controlling well and you move between environmental obstacles and dangerous enemies. The player does have access to a sword at first but eventually gets access to limited use weapons after defeating the boss of each area. The cat also has access to a speedy but risky charge drop that will be ideal for speedrunners but leaves the player open to attack.

The preview included 4 sections of a spaceship, each ending with a boss fight. The player can choose to enter any of the 4 parts of the ship, each with its own theme include plants, beams, and other obstacles. Since everything is procedurally generated you'll have to think on the go and thanks to stellar movement control you're given absolute control.

Each of the quadrants isn't linear but includes branching paths. 1 lead to the boss room and the other to more points. The boss using the environmental hazards players were battling within the quadrant in the fight, allowing players to anticipate what is to come in the fight. The boss themselves are well-designed and test the player's mobility skills and how they manage to evade and defeat the enemies leading to the fight. Ending with a limited use bonus item of the player's choice.

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Space Cat 9 has the potential to be an effective roguelike adventure. It has great movement and challenging encounters with great boss fights to complete each section. It encourages players to not just beat each section but do it quickly and avoiding damage given how rare healing items are. If you enjoy roguelikes keep Space Cat 9 on your radar.

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Platform(s): PC
Publisher(s): Possum House Games
Developer(s): Possum House Games
Genres: Adventure
Themes: Roguelike
Release Date: 2022

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