Skate Story - One Outstanding Surreal Ride

Skate Story is one of the most unique skateboarding games you'll play.

By Grayshadow, Posted 10 Aug 2021

The game industry is starving for creative ideas, anything that plays or looks different. Whereas the AAA industry plays it safe the indie market has more freedom to test and try new things. Skate Story is one of those games.

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Skate Story is a skateboarding game but with a twist. Instantly the visual design is the most dazzling of its features, providing this shiny polygon as the protagonist along with a celestial background. It's amazing and utterly beautiful but how about the gameplay?

The title plays a lot like EA's Skate. You can run at any time but keeping momentum on your skateboard takes practice. The opening area giving the player small roads to practice maintaining speed while turning and performing tricks before heading into the core game.

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After entering the next portion you're tasked with keeping momentum and performing ollies. This sounds simple but it's not. Judging from your speed a circle appears with a trigger point highlighted. A blimp circles the circle and you must let go of the face button on the highlighted area to execute the trick. All while navigating the small path provided and the blimp moving faster based on your current speed.

This is all training for the boss encounter against a spherical object. The player must perform a series of ollies to do damage to the sphere while maintaining a high speed. It's an excellently produced cinematic affair with a great sense of speed.

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Skate Story is truly a refreshing experience. Its striking visual design and promising gameplay definitely make for a unique experience. It'll be a while before we get more information on this title but based on the build I played it'll be worth the wait.

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General Information

Platform(s): Switch, WII
Publisher(s): Sam Eng
Developer(s): Sam Eng
Genres: Adventure, Sport
Themes: Skateboarding
Release Date: 2022

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