Angry Birds

By fishdalf, Posted 29 Jul 2010

Angry Birds is the benchmark for AppStore games, mobile games, and handheld games alike.


Developer: Rovio
Publisher: ClickGamer
Release Date: Dec 10, 2009
Platform(s): iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad
Genre: Action/Puzzle

Angry Birds is a quirky physics-based puzzle game that requires brains and brawn in order to succeed. The brains in the sense that each level has to be handled differently depending on a number of factors - the level layout, the durability of various structures, and the selection of Angry Birds you have at your disposal. The brawn comes from the basic premise of decimating all that lay before you, in a sadistic attempt to ‘kill’ or ‘flatten’ green pigs, or pig heads as it were.

       Hold on you Angry Bird, you’ll get those pigs soon enough
              Hold on you Angry Bird, you’ll get those pigs soon enough

At first you’ll simply fling your birds carelessly into the air, with a pull back of your finger, and watch as they come crashing down in a pile of feathers and rubble, but after becoming familiar with the controls and getting a grip with the physics you’ll find yourself taking more care with both the trajectory and power of your arsenal.

In order to complete each level you’re required to wipe out each and every pig, once done the level ends and your score is tallied up. For every bird you don’t make use of you’ll be rewarded with points, as well as for everything you manage to destroy in the process. Depending on how many points you manage to accumulate you’ll be awarded with one of three stars, and here is where the replayability lies. Only when you discover the perfect way to cause the most damage with the least projectiles you’ll get top honours.

             Getting three stars in each level is frustrating but rewarding

For the achievement junkies amongst us, there are plenty to unlock, and these can be showed off on the Crystal leaderboards if you so wish. There are also a handful of side-quests in the form of golden eggs, which are hidden within levels, and upon discovering each you are presented with an extra level to attempt.

The game has a pretty comfortable learning curve, and eases you in quite nicely. The pigs aren’t protected all too well at first, and are housed in some pretty flimsy looking structures that will crumble willingly to your attacks. Then as the difficulty vamps up so does their defence. Wooden walls become stone walls, weaknesses in buildings are less exposed, and the tougher of the trotters don helmets that can take a good pecking.

           The structures can get pretty crazy and require some thought

Thing’s become a tad more confusing as you’re given a wider array of birds. The first avian ally you’ll encounter follows a simple ‘up and over’ principle, but soon after you’re introduced to ones that can be manipulated post-launch. There’s one that splits into three upon touching the screen, one that picks up speed after repeated tapping, one that explodes upon impact, one that drops bombs on command, and finally the boomerang bird, that is by far the hardest to control but will get you into some otherwise impassable places.

                            The Angry Birds discover some fowl play


The graphics are vibrant, and feel sharp and polished. The cartoon-like graphics have a feel good factor about them, and both the locations and characters therein are a jovial sight. The audio is also a treat and you’ll find yourself smiling as you soar agonisingly close to a pig as he grunts back at you with an unbridled arrogance.

In short, Angry Birds is the benchmark for AppStore games, mobile games, and handheld games alike. It’s addictive, in the true sense of the word, and packs some serious replay value. Rovio have also been pretty regiment with providing updates, adding extra levels and golden eggs to hold interest. So for 59p or 99c, stop flapping and get downloading.

Rating: 91 /100

Craig Bryan, NoobFeed

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  • I've wanted to try this, but still haven't updated to 3.0 since they make you pay for it.

    Posted Jul 29, 2010

  • You really should.

    Posted Jul 30, 2010

  • @fishdalf - Judging by the number of reviews, I never expected to find a review on Angry Birds. When I searched and found it, my respect for the writers went up. Nicely written review and agreed with the rating :)

    Posted Sep 29, 2010

  • I have a iPod now, maybe one day I'll try it.

    Posted Oct 21, 2010

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