Interaction between movement and music is the strong point of this experience

By canana, Posted 27 Nov 2010

Flower, exclusive to PSN, is much more than a game, some can say that it is a  hypnotic experience. The game about wind and its relationship with the flowers was launched in February 2009 and is considered the spiritual successor of Flow, also from thatgamecompany.

Basically, Flower is to control the wind, as it navigates through the flower fields, making a trail of colored petals in the path. There is no command to be done, unless you press any button to accelerate and moving the SIXAXIS in all directions, like a steering wheel, indicating where the wind has to go. By bumping into flowers, the petals begin to fly through the air and they form a gigantic trail. Simple as that. And yet so profound.

Navigating in the World of Flower is a dream experience, as a therapy of deep relaxation. Driving the petals to all corners results in changes in the scenarios, how to bring life to dead. No text, no dialogue, nothing. Just the wind, wind noise and music make a daydream. Although discreet, minimalist Flower carries a huge load of emotion rarely seen in games.

Flower Review

Amazingly, Flower is not an easy game to explain. It's one of those cases where you have to see to understand. There is no way to compare it with other games and just describing the game it may not seem so interesting. However, it's an experience that deserves to be lived by anyone.

There is something magical and mystical that makes this game a must and recommended to all. The controls, which captures the movements of the hand, offers a rich experience and highly immersive and you get the impression that this field of flowers in front of your eyes is real. The soundtrack is beautiful and everything is animated with great detail. You'll delight in every second of this day when you wake up and want to dream again. It's good, very good, to get lost in Flower.

It should be stated, however, that Flower does not predispose to offer nothing more than a day's feelings. Despite having a few trophies, there is no challenge, speed or accuracy. The game requires nothing in exchange for fun. The idea here is to give one pause in your life and surrendering, body and soul, to the musical and visual experience to become the wind.

Flower Review

The game has six stages and an extra-level during the credits. Between the phases, we delightfully see animated scenes, which contrast with the splendor of the stages, so full of life and color. Flower starts in the window of an apartment, arrested, locked up in an urban atmosphere, gray and rainy. In the window, six flower pots awaiting the touch of the wind, as if desperate for freedom. The message here is delicate and discreet engagement with no exaggeration. It is a picture of our urban landscapes, chaotic, anxious and our desire to escape and fly. And that is precisely what gives Flower: redemption to an impossible dream to come true in reality.

From a technical standpoint, Flower is impeccable. Each piece of grass is animated individually so it can fly on rangelands and is something bordering on the unbelievable. This care is related to everything in the game, the lighting, the movements to music. Each level is distinguished by mixing real nature, psychedelic tones and industrial scenarios in the morning, evening, or sunset, a breathtaking sunset. However, the soundtrack and sound design of the game is what are its biggest assets. Each petal has an instrumental note and that makes you fly between them gives the impression strumming an instrument like a piano or a harp.

Priced at $ 9.99, Flower offers something that is difficult to buy: a good dream, perfect for your fingertips. Prepare for an unforgettable journey that will stir your imagination and show you another side of video games that you might not know: the ability to relax your body and soul and make you believe again that t beauty is possible, even that locked in bits and pixels that seem to escape the screen. A must.

Marco Cecilio, NoobFeed

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  • Odd game, dosn't matter though I dont' have a PS3.

    Posted Dec 02, 2010

  • Sounds interesting none the less. but i guess i dont have a ps3 either and wouldnt be able to check it out.

    Posted Dec 03, 2010


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