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Rise of the Tomb Raider everything someone could want from a proper sequel

By Grayshadow, Posted 15 Nov 2015

For many seeing the first footage of Rise of the Tomb Raider was disappointing. The common complaint being that the game seemed more like an expansion than a full sequel. After finishing the first mission of Lara’s newest adventure these concerns were quickly dashed away. While it plays like 2013 reboot Tomb Raider and looks similar to the Definitive Edition that was released in 2014 the dynamic changes to the gameplay, environments, customization and weaponry made Rise of the Tomb Raider everything someone could want from a proper sequel.

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Now with a new understanding of the world Lara begins her next journey in search of a mythical legendaryobject that would not only change human history but redeem her father’s name. The story sounds tawdry but is greatly enhanced due to strong performances and believable characters. The first game suffered greatly because the characters were casted as bland stereotypes. This doesn’t mean that they show any sort of depth, instead most of the characters, including Lara, are blank slates. There’s a evil man attempting to take over the over, a shadowy organization that seeks to control the world and one girl attempting to save everyone.

The evil organization is called The Order of Trinity and the main villain is a devoted follower named Konstantin. Trinity is an old and religious organization that seeks to control the world by collecting rare and divine artifacts. Konstantin has been appointed by Trinity to obtain the Divine Source, a powerful item capable of granting immorality to those who possess it. Of course Lara is after the same artifact which result in the death of many people and lots of explosions.

Like Tomb Raider Rise of the Tomb Raider places Lara in an expansive diverse world teeming with enemy soldiers and wildlife of different variants. This isn’t a open-world though, certain areas are locked behind gates that unlock through unique abilities. This encourages you to explore each area extensively in search of resources ranging from scrap and weapon parts to dry wood and animal skins.

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Each area is beautifully designed and replete with items to pillage. Hidden throughout each region of specialobjectives, side missions and hidden tombs. These areas are the highlight of Rise of the Tomb Raider, offering dynamic puzzles and rewarding items for triumphing. Lara can equip a bow, handgun, assault rifle and shotgun at a time. A girl needs options and Lara can choose from an array of different types of each weapon, some forgoing power for precision. Each weapon can be upgraded into different tiers by collecting resources from the surrounding environment. Some weapons and gear can only be obtained through a Black Market salesman or by gathering parts from special supply crates. Exotic creatures trend throughout the land and offer special hinds for those lucky enough to find them.

Lara will need all the tools and weapons at her disposal to survive the hardships ahead. Unlike her previousadventure Lara has become more adapt to sneaking around and killing in the dark. While this style is encouraged, through harder difficulties granting less resources and stronger enemy types, sneaking can become a pain. Once discovered returning to the shadows is near-impossible. This doesn’t mean Lara cannot handle herself. Equipped with an assortment of weapons and skills this Archeologist can handle anything.

By completing challenges and defeating enemies Lara gains experience. It’s up to the player to decide whether to invest points into Brawler, Hunter or Survivor. Each offers specific upgrades such as decrease damage or unique abilities like creating a poison trap from a corpse. Lara can also change her outfit, rather than a simple fashion update these clothes sometimes imbues the treasure hunter with special passive abilities.

Rise of the Tomb Raider,Tomb Raider, Crystal Dynamics,Square Enix,Noobfeed,

Survival Instinct returns and grants Lara a special radar that highlight’s points of interests. Expect to spam this ability over and over in each new area.

Expect a lot of shooting and climbing. Firing a gun or shooting an arrow is easy and precise. Rarely did Lara not grab onto a ledge or fall short of a jump. Due to her supernatural survival skills Lara’s jumping feelsfloaty but accurate. When in situations, knowing I didn’t put enough momentum, where my jump fell short I was able to correct the issue mid-air with ease. 

However sometimes Lara will run low of essential supplies, in these situations she can quickly craft ammunition for her bow or bandages for a quick recovery, granted you have the supplies, with ease. This easy to navigate system makes combat thrilling, at any moment I could need a new grenade arrow or bandage for a fatal wound. Swimming can also be expected during Lara’s journey but most of these are limited to specific segments. The inclusion of sprinting, both on land and water, is a massively beneficial addition.

Rise of the Tomb Raider,Tomb Raider, Crystal Dynamics,Square Enix,Noobfeed

It’s impossible to argue how beautiful Rise of the Tomb Raider looks. Not only are the environment elaborately designed but characters act lively. Lara in particular will drag her feet in knee-high snow, crouch low when in combat and attempt to keep herself warm by shivering and holding her hands out in open flames. Characters behave similarity, with native inhabitants going about their day as usual; cooking meals and praying to their dead. 

Those seeking a challenge can try Expeditions. In this mode players compete with other players by replaying story missions with new objectives. These are include finishing a stage with everything collecting to beating an entire level without taking damage. Players can earn credits to spend at the Marketplace for cards, these include new cosmetic items, weapon upgrades and strange changes to the gameplay mechanics, such as firing chickens from your bow, that can either bolster or lower your credit reward. Cardscan be purchased using real-world money or existing cards can be sold for more credit. It’s a nice addition but having to purchase cards to add challenges, bolster weapon and equipment upgrades, and other notable skills seems like a forced option. Why should I have to pay for these instead of allowing me the chance to turn them off or on at will or earn them by completing Expedition missions?


Rise of the Tomb Raider impresses on many mechanics that the first game established. Combat has beenretuned to encompass a fully realized customizable system for Lara and her weapons. Coupled with a extensive world filled with tombs to raid, animals to hunt and secrets to discover and you’re set for a grand adventure. Lara’s journey may take some stumbles along the way but the final payoff is well worth it.

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