Minecraft Story Mode: Episode 3 - The Place You Look

I cannot wait until the next episode

By Grayshadow, Posted 26 Nov 2015

Minecraft Story Mode: Episode 3 - The Place You Look combines a lot of exciting humor, action-sequences, and engaging dialogue into its two hour campaign. Where episode 2 lost a lot of traction The Place You Look regains any lost momentum.

Starting where things left off Jesse and his friends continue their search for the third member of the Order of the Stone, the Soren the Architect. The opening credits starts off with a giant battle between various monsters while trying to retrieve the Amulet. Similar sequences, including a tense infiltration mission against a herd of Endermen, are spread across the episode. 

A combination of notoriously known areas and original landscapes serve as the setting for The Place You Look. Players will travel to The End and experience how Soren became known by many as the Master Builder. Driven in the pursuit of knowledge it’s clear that Soren has some deep seeded issues with people but little is explained here. You’ve come for a bomb to stop the Wither Storm that remains your central goal.

Soren’s obsessions have driven the talented builder to communicate awkwardly. His humor is definitely uplifting, infusing Minecraft Story Mode with the charisma that episode 2 was sorely lacking. While it does end on a cliche the journey leading up this finale was well-worth taking.

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One of my biggest complaints was Minecraft Story Mode’s inconsistencies. At the beginning of the episode Jesse and his friends attempt to escape a locked room, with nothing more than a stack of bookshelves blocking their way. Later on they find out that their objective lies behind layers of solid stone. They’re not above to burrowing underneath several layers of stone with nothing but their fists but breaking down a wall of paper and wood is impossible.

Character’s remain adamant to their previous personas. Alex is still thirsty for loot, Olivia wants to save everyone and Petra is attempting to survive her injuries. A lot of the interpersonal drama stems from Lukas and Petra. Petra, now suffering greatly from her Wither Sickness, wants to keep it confidential to prevent the group from worrying about her. Lukas’ persona had suddenly shifted, despite my constant support for his well-bring, making him seem a lot more aggressive with no plausible answer.

Minecraft Story Mode: Episode 3 - The Place You Look weaves together action and story in a tight and well-paced package. More improvements still need to be made for Minecraft Story Mode to reach the heights of other projects but this is certainly the right track. My anticipation for the next episode remains high.

Adam Siddiqui, NoobFeed
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