Gal*Gun Double Peace PlayStation 4 Review

Gal*Gun Double Peace is definitely aimed at a niche group of gamers.

By RON, Posted 20 Oct 2016

Putting yourself in the shoes of a pervert is something you’d barely expect to do. But when playing Gal*Gun Double Peace, get ready to do so. It’s something you can’t be too proud of, but it is the nature of this game. For some, however, Gal*Gun Double Peace is a dream come true, while others might find it way too much to deal with. Playing Gal*Gun Double Peace has been a very unique experience for me with tons of mixed reactions. Simply get ready to go deep into the fascination of touching girls however you want to. Damn!

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Gal*Gun Double Peace starts with you taking the role of Houdai, a student who’s barely noticed by girls. It’s just another day in the college, when two angels appear on Houdai’s campus; one good and another bad, making things difficult for him. The good angel, Ekoro, accidently shoots a charged shot of fascination while being distressed by the demon’s presence. When Houdai comes to his senses, Ekoro appears in front of him, explaining what just happened and how he must use his power of fascination to find his soul mate and win her love in the end. What Houdai doesn’t realize is that it’s not just about finding his one true love, but also about countering the endless flow of lovely girls falling to their knees just to be his girl. And guess what! Houdai uses his power to touch all these girls’ bodies in order to calm them down. You, however, as Houdai, keep fighting off these girls by touching them, or giving ecstasy, while expressing feelings to his one true love. Fasten your seatbelt, if you’re playing, as it’s going to be a hell of a drive through all these pretty girls.

In terms of genre, Gal*Gun Double Peace is pretty much a third person shooter only without the guns or grenades. Your weapons are your inescapable charm, your vision to see through girls’ clothing and, obviously, your hand for touching them. You start on the outside of the academy block, spotting hordes of beautiful girls and stopping by to bring them euphoria. It’s not as simple as it sounds though! Not all the girls can be pleased in the same manner. Different girls have different ways when it comes to their ecstasies, as each of them has particular weak spots which you must discover before they reach you. If you delay in taking action, they’ll simply come over to you, give you letters, or keep on kissing you. Don’t be happy if this is happening though, because you lose stamina when it happens, and your stamina bar isn’t high enough to handle too much. Some girls possessed by tiny demons are much harder to please, and so are the girls from your higher grades.

Gal*Gun Double Peace,PlayStation 4,PS4,Review,Screenshots,Artwork,Angel,Demon,Houdai,True Love,Girlfriend,Pretty Girls,Anime,Shoot em up,Bishōjo,Alchemist,Inti Creates

There are moments when things get out of hand and girls become too vigorous, needing special attention. In moments like these, Doki-Doki mode comes in handy. This mode allows you to handle up to three girls at a time and please them by touching anywhere you want within the given time limit. Doki-Doki mode needs replenishing before you can activate it again after using it once. I personally found this mode handy when dealing with the special characters or fourth grade students, or in a very tight situation, when girls were swarming from every corner. Once you select the girl/s for Doki-Doki mode, they take position in seductive ways, reacting differently when you touch certain spots of their bodies. Your job is to figure out which spots are most eliciting. You can pretty much touch any spot you want. The faster you fill up their satisfaction bar, the more intelligence points you score. Speaking of points, it really isn’t a deciding factor of the game, but definitely something to define Houdai’s stats by in the end. I’d say simply enjoy this mode while it last because no matter how much your score, the stats won’t change the direction of the game’s story.

The story of Gal*Gun Double Peace takes the form of a visual novel, while dialogs will show up in the form of choices, affecting how the game is played. In some cases, dialogs are so far off any logic, and no matter whatever dialog you choose, the consequences are going to be the same. Being a character like Houdai, who barely knew how to talk to girls, makes his illogical dialog choices funny sometimes. Say, when the girl you’re chasing got stuck in a window while escaping, and, during the rescue, you decide to play drums on her back. In Story Mode, the gameplay takes around 3 hours when you’re trying to win over only one soul mate. It can be extended up to 10 hours when chasing multiple soul mates and enjoying every branching path to winning their hearts. If such stories don’t interest you, simply play though the Score Attack Mode where you get to deal with waves of girls.

Gal*Gun Double Peace,PlayStation 4,PS4,Review,Screenshots,Artwork,Angel,Demon,Houdai,True Love,Girlfriend,Pretty Girls,Anime,Shoot em up,Bishōjo,Alchemist,Inti Creates

Besides the usual, the addition of random mini-games during the episodes have made the gameplay stimulating. These mini-games will simply give you naughty thoughts and you do the same too in your gameplay. For instance, unstuck a friend by playing drums on her back while she was attempting to escape via a window, or rub a friend’s thigh to make her very excited only to rescue her from a demon’s possession. Not to mention the short lived boss fights which I found easier to pass compared to regular gameplay. There are also hidden objects thrown here and there for extra rewards, but nothing that really affects the gameplay, nor Houdai’s characteristics. Sadly, Gal*Gun Double Peace lacks in the voice and localization department. Dialogs are all in written format, and there’s literally nothing you can understand when conversations are taking place, unless you know Japanese. Remember the moment when you’re trying to unstuck a friend from a window by playing drums on her back, you’d really want to understand the mourning words she’s expressing.

Gal*Gun Double Peace is definitely aimed at a niche group of gamers. But, if you’re tired of all the running and gunning with rivers of blood, Gal*Gun Double Peace could be the short break you’re looking for. Be sure to be mature enough to play this game, as the game is rated 16+.

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