This is one game everyone should play, go buy Inside!

By Grayshadow, Posted 01 Sep 2016

Everything is black, the world devoid of color or individuality. I was always running, pretending, and trying to escape. Nothing in this world felt right but I wanted to know why this world existed. I couldn’t turn away and as I moved forward through Inside’s world each new mystery made me thirst for the next discovery.

At first, Inside seems like a basic 2D platformer with puzzles but during the course of the game you’re exposed to absurd amounts of cruelty. People funneling into lines like drones, officers looking for the slightest reason to unleash their wrath, and a single boy constantly fleeing from one threat to another. It’s art direction, soundtrack, and ambiguous narrative that heighten Inside’s atmosphere. It felt new, exciting, and something I didn’t want to end.


Like Limbo you take control of a boy in a mysterious world. You’ll jump, swing, swim, move platforms, and perform other tasks to complete each objective. Only two commands are available, jump and interact. Using these simple controls Playdead has crafted intricate puzzles that require creative thought to complete. Dead is frequent but never unfair, thanks to a quick revive system dying wasn’t vexing but a learning experience for my next attempt. When you do die expect some graphic scenes that are sometimes unnerving. 

The story has no dialogue or text, instead everything is told through what is seen and how everyone acts. Humanity has deserted creativity in exchange for technological advancement. Based on how the boy and the people act provide the narrative. People walk around like cattle into mysterious locations, the boy breaths heavily during tense movements, and immediately conforms to the people around him when the situation calls for it. Drones and other enforcement look on waiting for the slightest sense of trouble and quickly react with vicious efficiently. 

Inside’s world felt like an interactive nightmare, everything you did was monitored and one incorrect move meant death. It was fitting to see that the protagonist wore a red shirt, the one glimpse of hope in this otherwise bleak world. 


Puzzles are wonderfully designed but never too complicated. Never was the answer clearly given, instead I was forced to think about each action. Dynamic changes are constantly being introduced to ensure that nothing felt repetitive. Unexpected changes in the look and gameplay had me shocked. In one moment I’m breaking down a wall of a warehouse to make it to the next section and in another pretending to be like everyone else while a drone hovers behind me.

Inside is phenomenal successor to Limbo. It’s a short ride full of profound moments of haunting situations, clever puzzles, and beautiful environments. This is one game everyone should play, go buy Inside!

Adam Siddiqui, NoobFeed
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Platform(s): PC, Xbox One
Publisher(s): Playdead
Developer(s): Playdead
Genres: Puzzle
Themes: Horror
Release Date: 2016-06-29

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