Battlefield 1 Xbox One Review

Battlefield 1 is another masterpiece from DICE

By Grayshadow, Posted 22 Oct 2016

Instead of jumping into the realm of modern combat or futuristic warfare the developers at DICE have decided to turn back the clock and return to the roots of the Battlefield franchise. Battlefield 1 depicts the savagery of World War 1, focusing on the bleak inevitability of death and wondering if the atrocities committed were worth it? The single-player campaign does an adequate job of introducing the basic mechanics of the game while exposing the player to the brutality and comradely of the war through well-crafted atmospheric cutscenes. Coupled with Battlefield’s signature enthralling multiplayer component and Battlefield 1 is another masterpiece from DICE.

The campaign of Battlefield depicts the heroism and horrors of The Great War through the eyes of 6 soldiers. Each has players taking control of a different warrior from around the world in a non-linear anthology. Each character has their own motivations for fighting, all while introducing basic gameplay mechanics for players. Here players will learn how to operate a tank, plane, and other basic gameplay necessaries without having to dive into multiplayer without any sort of training. Based on previous campaigns from the franchise this is a massive step forward.

Missions are based on killing soldiers, sometimes specific targets, and moving on to the next objective. It’s the way these stories are told that make them special, each is oozing with atmospheric tension thanks to incredible voice-acting, a fitting musical soundtrack, and excellently choreographed scenes. Excellent writing made every character feel relatable, some seeking adventure, others glory, and some simply because it was their duty. There was no universe goal among the stories but seeing them play out offered a more humanistic view on the war. 

Missions rarely offer anything exciting or new. Most times players will find themselves killing soldiers to proceed to the next area. Stealth is offered in most missions, in one it’s forced, but compared to other titles like Dishonored and Deus Ex sneaking options are limited. Enemy AI is easily fooled and never investigates in pairs. 

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This is a beautiful game. Lush vistas have become littered with the bodies and decayed buildings of battle. Character models express detailed emotions without having to say a word. Playing on consoles I did notice some hiccups in the framerate, sound tearing, and graphical issues. If things become too overwhelming the game will crash. I experience about 7 crashes across multiplayer and single-player. 

What blew me away was the game’s attention to detail. While running through the forest my gun began to pick up bits of dirt and glass when going prone, that was unexpected but shows that developers went above-and-beyond when making this game.

Battlefield 1’s multiplayer remains rooted in the same acclaimed formula that made the franchise such as hit, now tailored with World War 1 weapons, vehicles, and environments. Returning are Conquest, Domination, Rush, Team Deathmatch, and a variation of Capture the Flag called War Pigeon. 

Battlefield 1,Review,Screenshots,Gameplay,NoobFeed,EA,DICE

The modes are only as good as the maps and all 9 maps of Battlefield 1 are interesting designed. Argonne Forest is teeming with abandoned trains and bunkers, Amiens is littered with narrow alleys, and Monte Grappa has very little cover outside. Best of all players can take control of a Zeppelin Blimp or Armored Train on certain maps that can turn the tide in battle. Dynamic changes are still present such as sandstorms and the crashing of a Zeppelin Blimp. 

The class system still plays a massive role in Battlefield 1’s multiplayer. Players can choose from four classes that include Assault, Scout, Support, and Medic. Each class has specific strengths and weaknesses that are paramount to success. The Assault class carries anti-vehicle weapons, the Medic can revive allies, Support provides ammunition, and Scout can pick off long-range targets. New to Battlefield 1 are the Pilot, Tanker, and Cavalry: specialist for specific vehicles. Special equipment will become available on the field at random, the first player to grab one gets to use a powerful weapon such as a Flamethrower, a powerful automatic rifle, or an anti-vehicle rifle and increase defensive capabilities.

Codex challenges and medals offer perks for those who choose to play outside their comfort zone. Weekly Medals offer specific challenges that can earn players extra experience, but only one can be completed at a time. 

Battlefield 1,Review,Screenshots,Gameplay,NoobFeed,EA,DICE

If you’re looking for something to differentiate yourself from everyone else Battlepacks have returned. Battlepacks are earned by collecting scrap and unlock skins, melee weapon pieces or experience boosters. With the exception of experience boosters all items available through Battlepacks are cosmetic. Everything from weapons to gadgets can only be unlocked through progression. 

Each class has their own progression system, allowing you to build your arsenal on what you like. Each action is rewarded with experience, whether it’s taking an objective or wounding an enemy player. Teaming up with a squad, which can consist of up to 5 players, will net you extra points encouraging teamwork. 

Tagging enemies isn’t as precise. At times I would aim my weapon directly at an enemy player but would be unable to tag them. At first, I thought this was a distance issue but the inconstant nature of this feature kept sprouting up. At times I could tag enemies barely visible on my sniper scope and other times couldn't spot an enemy player less than 10 meters away.

Battlefield 1,Review,Screenshots,Gameplay,NoobFeed,EA,DICE

Also gone is the location of enemy players on the minimap when firing your weapon. Granted this was a period when silent weapons were in their infancy many may find this change distorting. However, this new mechanic now encourages players to become more aware of the situation at hand. Running into areas without first assessing the situation will lead to a quick death.

Operations is a new feature to the Battlefield series. Here players take part in large scale fights over several maps, attacking and defending on multiple fronts. This can last for up to an hour and a single match can move across five areas in the same region. What separates this mode from the rest is the multiplayer that explains the reasoning behind the fighting for that specific area. For those seeking content for each fight, these are excellent summaries. 

Battlefield 1 is a gripping emotional title that captures one of the most deadliest events in human history, yet I couldn’t stop smiling while playing. It shows that modern weapons aren’t necessary for a great game, that any time period is worth investing into. By providing a rich single-player campaign to set the mood and a detailed addicting multiplayer component DICE shows quality is what matters above all. 

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