The Surge: A Walk in the Park DLC Xbox One X Review

A Walk in the Park a great reason to get back into The Surge

By Grayshadow, Posted 05 Dec 2017

On top of all the recent releases, I almost forgot about The Surge but quickly remembered why I loved the bleak robotic world. A Walk in the Park gave me an excuse to play again and while the DLC doesn't change much of the core concepts it remains loyal to the bloody violence of the main game. The combination of solid combat and the colorfully creepy world made exploration in A Walk in the Park a worthwhile experience. 

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A Walk in the Park adds a new area early on to the core campaign, offering around 6 to 8 hours of additional content. Keeping the game's main theme of robots run amok players explore an amusement park that serves as a "fun zone" for Creo's employees. Unfortunately, like other areas in The Surge, the mysterious energy spike has caused everything to go haywire and the once happy amusement park has become a death trap.

Instead of a corporate wonderland full of rides and sugary snacks, everything in this area wants you dead. Cartoon mascots want to tear the skin off your flesh and the remains of destroyed rides litter the environment. Unlike most of the campaign, the atmosphere has changed here. Thanks to goofy mascots wearing donut costumes and the environmental design are strong, giving the entire landscape its own distinct look.

For most of the DLC, you'll complete the same tasks you did in the campaign. The objectives aren't creative and have you turning on the power, locate survivors, and kill hordes of insane Cero staff. Towards the end, the campaign's momentum begins to speed up as the DLC takes a clever, yet creepy, turn. With CPU acting much smarter than they should and hanging corpses of former mascots. 

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The new enemy types mix up most of the action. In addition to the standard insane animatronics new enemies such as the self-healing emergency responders keep combat from getting old. But those familiar with the dismantling combat system will be able to hold their own through most of the DLC. The final boss is a challenge but nothing too difficult.

All the new enemy types mean brand new weapons and armor to harvest, collect, and craft. Some offer unique bonuses and others are distinct to the amusement park setting. During New Game + the equipment is lacking, especially compared to the endgame armor and weapons. However, when starting a new campaign the items proved to be invaluable to the upcoming challenges.

A Walk in the Park adds more of what makes The Surge such a great game. Wickedly violent and fun combat, detailed environments, and hordes of enemies to kill. It doesn't add anything new but the combination of fun and horror sets a chilling mood, making A Walk in the Park a great reason to get back into The Surge. 

Adam Siddiqui, NoobFeed
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