Minecraft Story Mode: Season 2 Xbox One X Review

Minecraft Story Mode: Season 2 doesn't suffer from the issues of the first season, maintaining its momentum from start to finish.

By Grayshadow, Posted 20 Dec 2017

At the end of season 1 of Minecraft Story Mode, we saw Jesse go from an ordinary to acclaimed hero. Taking on dangerous challenges and overcoming impossible odds. After multiple near-death situations, Jesse decided to take up a more political role as leader of his own town called Beacontown. However, things don't remain peaceful for long as the call of adventure finds Jesse and a new threat appears. Minecraft Story Mode: Season 2 doesn't suffer from the issues of the first season, maintaining its momentum from start to finish.

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Jesse's role as leader of Beacontown isn't exciting, with most of the day filled with boring bureaucratic business. His friends have their own interest to keep them busy, all but one. Petra and Jesse's relationship takes center stage throughout most of the journey. Both of them have grown distance since season 1 and now it's up to the player to decide where it will go.

A bulk of Minecraft Story Mode: Season 2, like other Telltale adventures, will be centered on decisions. The player is given up to 4 choices, usually timed, to build and mold the relationship they have with the characters throughout the season. Some choices are more paramount than others, providing up to 2 choices in these situations, and alter the story. This can cause certain characters to behave differently or removed completely. Consequences carry over to other episodes, with specific choices manifesting in later episodes.

Action has been mostly refined from the previous season. Combat is still active but now has a stamina meter. Dodging and hitting drains stamina, preventing the player from wildly swinging with their sword. This doesn't mean boss battles are hard, they're just as easy. However, the choreography of each large scale battle is remarkably well-done, with excellent cinematic flare and creative enemies.

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Puzzles and crafting are still the low-point of season 2. Most of the puzzles act as diversions to break up the narrative or action. The solutions are simple and don't require much trial and error, simply collect the necessary resources or keep trying pulling levers till you get the right solution.

Crafting has been improved, allowing the player to construct unique models in specific situations. These tasks cannot be failed and serve as another distraction to make anything you want. Other times you'll simply tap the same button over and over to make structures or collect resources. It's not much of a change but most of the excitement from Minecraft Story Mode comes from the narrative.

Thankfully, Minecraft Story Mode: Season 2 introduces a lot of great characters. The older crew doesn't get as much screen time as the new characters but seeing the fresh cast establish themselves was a joy to watch. Jesse plays a massive influence in their development, encouraging to either grow or fumble. By the end of the season, everyone will have been touched by Jesse's influence, either for the better or worse.

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Minecraft Story Mode: Season 2 keeps the player interested throughout the journey thanks to strong character design, difficult decisions, and introducing new mysteries. Answers will be providing and new questions will replace them, coupled with uneasy decisions that alter the story as you progress and Minecraft Story Mode: Season 2 provides more than enough reason to play after you're done. 

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