Little Nightmares - The Residence Xbox One X Review

The Residence a solid conclusion to the Boy's adventure through the Maw and gives players closure even if it is depressing.

By Grayshadow, Posted 24 Feb 2018

The final chapter in Little NIghtmares 3 part journey is here. Called The Residence players venturing into the Lady's room searching for an escape from the Maw. The adventure is short but taken into account the 2 previous, The Depth and The Hideaway, The Residence provides an excellent finale to this adventure. The Residence ends Little Nightmares on a high note that brings both Six and the Boy's stories together.

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The Residence starts off where the previous DLC ended, with the Boy within The Lady's home attempting to find a way out. The DLC heavily focuses on puzzles with a series of short battles littered throughout. It's nothing new from what players have experienced in past Little Nightmares' adventures but that's not a bad thing. The atmosphere and presentation maintain the same dark gritty theme with tense moments that kept me on my toes.

A brand new enemy is introduced here that adds new questions to the game's lore. Children wearing the Lady's mask haunt her room and kill anything they touch. They're weak to light, forcing you to dedicate time to escape their grasp while repelling their attacks.

The Residence provides simple puzzles and a couple of chase sequences. It took me 1 hour to complete the journey on my first playthrough and 20 minutes in my second. There are 5 collectables to obtain that reveal new concept art about the game but overall gamers can expect a brief adventure. However, this is part of a 3 part adventure with the other 2 packages combined with this tale is about 2 hours in length. The same length as the original adventure.

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This is the major issue, playing The Residence without having experienced the previous adventures feels lackluster. It's a short journey and without the context provided by The Depths and The Hideaway, The Residence doesn't offer enough for a standalone purchase. Instead, only gamers who've played both DLC adventures will find value in The Residence.

The final addition to Little Nightmares DLC adventure brings the entire tale full circle. Those who've played the previous tales will find some value here but those hoping into The Residence without playing The Depths or The Hideaway will find it painfully short. The Residence a solid conclusion to the Boy's adventure through the Maw and gives players closure even if it is depressing.

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Platform(s): Xbox One, PS4, PC
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Release Date: 2018-02-23

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