Hellfront: Honeymoon Xbox One X Review

Hellfront: Honeymoon does what you would expect from a game within this genre, nothing more and nothing less.

By Grayshadow, Posted 19 Dec 2018

Hellfront: Honeymoon is a simple real-time tactics experience. It doesn't try to evolve the mechanics of this beloved genre or provide much in the way of interesting visuals or unique elements. Hellfront: Honeymoon does what you would expect from a game within this genre, nothing more and nothing less.

Hellfront: Honeymoon doesn't have a story, instead it's a series of increasingly harder missions where you attempt to defeat opposing armies. The gameplay is simple, you take control of a Commander who can build turrets or barracks and must destroy all the opposing armies to achieve victory. Determining whether to deploy a turret, which can kill targets at a higher rate, and barracks, which deploy troops are a specific rate, is critical to victory.

As the Commander, the player is not only responsible for deploying structures but plays an active role in combat and ordering troops. You're fragile so rushing in killing is not ideal, instead, you command your troops to take a bulk of the damage while trying to stay alive. If killed you'll respawn at a structure but none remain it's game over.

Other elements do come into play such as hostile bugs spawning when either an ally or enemy structure is destroyed, bug nests, the explosive effect of building and destroying structures, and destroying barriers to open new pathways. There are 3 planets with over 30 missions that increase in challenge, each one with its own leaderboards and 3-star ranking system. Those seeking to complete the entire game will have their mettle and RTS skills tested as matches can cascade into punishing defeats or unimaginable comebacks.

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It should be noted that the enemy AI can cheat the player. For example, enemy bugs, which are supposed to be neutral and attack everything, will often favor attacking the player's forces. During matches, I found that the bugs would often ignore the enemy AI and travel across the map to attack my structures and forces.

You can play the campaign either alone or with a friend and competitive multiplayer is available but only through local play. The multiplayer is hectic and a lot of fun but offering online player would've been better.

The issue with Hellfront: Honeymoon is that it doesn't provide anything new or unique. While playing through the campaign was entertaining and challenging it didn't leave a lasting impression. The environments were simple and the enemies and allies were bland space marines or generic bugs.

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Hellfront: Honeymoon is a lengthy and difficult title that requires a lot of dedication to complete. It doesn't stand out from other games within its genre but it provides the same experience well enough. It's a bit strange that the game doesn't include online multiplayer considering that would've added to the longevity of the title but if you can get 3 friends to play expect a lot of hectic action. Hellfront: Honeymoon will have you killing hordes of bugs and space marines in an effort to dominate all 3 planets in your campaign of imperialism, just don't expect anything shocking to happen.

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Platform(s): Xbox One
Publisher(s): Thunderfall
Developer(s): SkyGoblin
Genres: Action, Adventure
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Release Date: 2018-12-19

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