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If a child between Super Meat Boy and The Impossible Game was possible it would be Would You Snail?

By Grayshadow, Posted 10 Mar 2022

If a child between Super Meat Boy and The Impossible Game was possible it would be Would You Snail?. A challenging puzzle platformer that has you combating a deadly AI that seeks enjoyment from your failure and suffering. As a snail within a simulation, you must navigate through dangerous rooms in an attempt to defeat the AI Squid.

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Will You Snail? has you in control of a small blue snail being terrorized by a sentient AI named Squid. Squid takes delight in the suffering of people and wants you to do the same. With deadly puzzles and platforming challenges that will test your mettle and desire for victory. And it won't be easy to cross that finish line as more dangerous and unique obstacles are constantly placed to keep things fresh.

Squid, like a crazed ex or Handsome Jack from Borderlands, is always by your side. Shaming you for lowering the difficulty, mocking you for failing, shocked when you succeed, and is just a nuisance to deal with but has some terrific dark jokes. Not only are the challenges demanding but Squid wants you to suffer, constantly altering the environment such as adding spikes, shooting projectiles, charging lasers, and its tools for destruction just keep increasing.

Much of the main narrative is spoken through optional data points. These highlight an exchange between a programmer named Dallin and an AI called Unicorn. Here we learn of a tyrant organization called the Regime and a woman named Amelia who created Squid. This is entirely optional but necessary in understanding the full motives of Squid and what the AI has done. There are cutscenes that play within the gameplay to showcase this as well to help showcase the danger of Squid.

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Will You Snail? is a puzzle platformer that encourages trial and error. You're going to die, a lot, and the game constantly reminds you of this. You can end yourself with a button if you wish to restart immediately but the game has a performance issue where every so often it'll freeze for a moment before starting up again. Despite Squid being constantly present the game's visual design ensures you can keep track of everything happening. You'll have to be quick and creative with your jumps as dynamic situations are presented throughout the adventure.

Each room has its own theme and Squid alters the rules based on difficulty. Lower options reduce the amount of stuff on screen and the speed of the hazards with higher options increasing each factor. Squid will adjust challenge based on your performance but out of sheer mockery, either bored seeing you die over and over again or increasing it to make you suffer. You can change the difficulty at any time if you wish but Squid will laugh at you.

The goal is always to make it to the end that changes constantly. Hazards such as turrets, underwater sections, boxes that crush you, fish, powering up pylons, and even basketball to name a few. This constant shift of new activities keeps things fresh, with a boss fight ending each of the chapters. It took me about 3 hours to complete the entirety of the game but grabbing every data point and locating and beating every bonus stage will take even longer. Thankfully the developer included a level select option that showcases what levels have these but finding it is up to you.

The game is challenging but not always fair. Since the AI creates dynamic options you can find yourself in lose-lose situations very frequently. Often the AI would activate hazards that are impossible to dodge in frustrating moments of RNG. This can make getting the 0 deaths achievement more a matter of luck than skill. You can lock the difficulty, giving the player control over how they wish to play the game.

Knowing this game is perfect for speedrunning options such as timers, FPS gauge, and training mode. Other options include controller dead zones and setting the jump height. The developer really went above and beyond with these systems, clearly doing research of what players would want and need.

Will You Snail?, PC, Review, NoobFeed, Jonas Tyroller, Unicorn

The visual design is the most striking element of Will You Snail?. A mix of retro visuals taken straight out of Tron mixed a variety of colors that keep the graphics throughout. Complementing this is the excellent soundtrack and shift in the color palette, usually through active gameplay. There are a lot of flashing images and bright colors so be wary of that if it's important for your health.

Platforming veterans looking for a challenge won't be disappointed with Will You Snail?. A title made for those looking for the best challenges in both speed and precision coated with incredible visuals and music. The performance still needs some work but after a few patches, it should function smoothly. If you're a platforming fan you're doing yourself a disservice not to play Will You Snail?.

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