WWE 2K22 PlayStation 4 Review

WWE 2K22 is jam-packed with content, and it represents a significant step forward in terms of graphics and quality when compared to its predecessors.

By RON, Posted 21 Mar 2022

Every year, the WWE 2K series releases a new version of the game with minor tweaks and a fresh roster. As a result of WWE 2K20, reviewers severely criticize the series, labeling it one of the worst wrestling games ever published. 2K Sports abandoned WWE 2K21 and allowed the team to devote itself to WWE 2K22 because of the criticism of WWE 2K20. But the series has made a convincing return this year. There were distinct signs that this series was returning to a familiar state of affairs. WWE 2K22 eventually launched following an announcement of a delay, but does it live up to expectations?

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WWE 2K22 aimed to streamline what has become an unmanageable number of systems affecting the core wrestling movements. Nothing but one unique payback ability per character, discarding the stamina meter, multiple life-bars, and the reversal stocks. These somehow have paid off. All of the adjustments came out positively, as wrestling in WWE 2K22 is fun to play, and it's quicker, more realistic, and more enjoyable than ever before.

The game kicks off when you first walk into the ring, and the newcomers and veterans will learn from Drew Gulak's fun and comprehensive tutorial on most of the latest adjustments. WWE 2K22's focus on combinations is primarily due to its influence from traditional fighting games. Light, heavy, and grapple-based techniques now flesh out the attacking repertoire in this new system. Light or heavy combos or mixing all three attack types can be performed by pressing the appropriate strike button. Instead of transitioning into a strong wrestling technique like a slam, a heavy combination will typically launch an animation that includes many hard-hitting attacks, one after the other, in a quick sequence.

The new control layout in WWE 2K22 is more user-friendly than previous iterations; the game's short tutorial is beneficial if you're still having difficulties. Light attacks are executed with the square button on PlayStation. In contrast, heavier ones are performed with the X button, and grapples are executed with the circle and triangle buttons for the general counter. Though all these buttons are used to conduct various actions, they can also serve as counters. To counter an opponent's following strike, players must correctly predict the buttons that pop up and time their opponent's moves. If you can adequately predict whether your opponent is executing light or heavy attacks, you can counter combos and parries. Due to on-screen instructions and simpler button combinations, the game's most intricate actions are considerably easier to carry off than previous iterations, making it seem faster-paced.


These adjustments result in a more engaging back-and-forth for those who watch wrestling on television. The game's dynamic nature is enhanced by the fact that players are forced to observe their opponents and evaluate the offensive moves to avoid being repetitive. A new stun system attempts to strike a compromise between the two by preventing characters from reversing when they view stars. Additionally, the visuals have become a lot smoother. Several factors contribute to improved fighting, including better camera movements, character models for each wrestler, and reasonably accurate commentary. While the mechanics of ladders and cages continue to break, there are still times when characters strangely actually move into position or become trapped in the ropes. However, these occurrences are less common now than they were before.

For game modes, MyCareer has been renamed MyRise, which allows you to build a male or female superstar to rise through the ranks. Players have a lot of choices to choose from, each of which will directly impact your character's professional path. According to your gender, there are two unique storylines; each of the three brands has roughly 20 storylines. Minor decisions by players may impact who they become friends with, who becomes their opponents, and what kinds of matches players will fight in. Unfortunately, if you consider it the story mode, it's just as irritating, thanks to cheesy language and lengthy, unzippable clips that drag it down even more. The only comfort is that increasing a character's stats and appearances are all simple processes that don't need gaining any further unlocking outside of the mode.

MyFaction is a new mode in WWE 2K22, and the NBA 2K enthusiasts will recognize this mode as MyTeam in the NBA 2K series. Each player is given a basic beginning deck of wrestlers, managers, contract extensions, and powerups. Booster packs that can be bought with money may also be added to the set. Alternatively, gamers may take on other players in the mode to earn tokens that can be used to buy packs. Unless you're a fan of this mode, the four-on-four fights are long and tedious due to significant difficulties, making them tedious and unenjoyable. The famous Universe mode is back, but you may play as a WWE Superstar instead of the whole business this time. Regardless of whomever you choose, you still have the option of working with Triple H to build rivalries, form tag teams, and more. The inclusion of in-game purchases has always been a sore spot for the 2K studio. WWE 2K22 is no different from other WWE video games. At the very least, the microtransaction in MyFaction doesn't incarcerate significant value.

The MyGM mode is undoubtedly the most attractive new feature that returns to Smackdown vs. Raw 2008—playing as the General Manager of Raw, Smackdown, or NXT can be an absolute blast when you are down to make many choices. With a strict budget, you play against the AI or human rivals over a 15-week timeframe in which you both aim to outdo each other in the rankings. For those unfamiliar with MyGM mode, it lets players organize their own WWE shows, build rivalries, negotiate contracts, and manage the budget. In WWE 2K22, however, the GM can only schedule singles and tag team matches and use two championships per brand, although prior versions allowed both tag team and mid-card belts.


There are distinct powerups for each GM and brand. Beginning with a superstar is somewhat tricky with the opening budget. While competing with AI or human opponents, players need to see who can schedule the most fantastic show. While picking the finest superstars is tempting, you must keep in mind their heel or face alignment and their chemistry with each other when making the selection. There is a chance that players may not want to play again after finishing one season, which is a pity since MyGM is otherwise enjoyable enough to last for months.

There are 163 wrestlers to pick from in the WWE 2K22 standard edition. Due to WWE's recent talent layoffs, people feared this release might suffer due to the roster changes. On the contrary, WWE 2K22 includes wrestlers now competing on AEW, so there are many characters to pick from. Exhibition matches with the AI or with friends can be fun with these wrestlers. The highlight is, of course, a Rey Mysterio Showcase mode. Several of Mysterio's most unforgettable fights from his illustrious career may be replayed here. For each battle, there are given objectives designed to mimic the flow of the actual contest. To accommodate those who don't want to take on the role of Mysterio, the game also includes a Universe mode that allows players to take on the role of any wrestler from any season of any WWE program.

If not playing as Mysterio, the Universe mode lets players pick any wrestler and go through possible matches and rivalries during their favorite WWE show season. However, players trying to play WWE 2K22's Showcase fun will likely be confused due to the number of objectives. Some might even consider it as an extended version of the tutorial. Each goal asks players to do certain things in the ring, and thankfully, the hints are there for the more complex moves during the fights. One thing is for sure: this mode will make you a pro in this game.


Overall, WWE 2K22 is jam-packed with content, representing significant progress in graphics and quality compared to its predecessors. However, there are also substantial flaws in the game, especially in multiplayer matches, but a solid groundwork has been laid for this series's future WWE games. Now that we've given the show an additional year of production time, our only hope is that it won't revert to a yearly release cycle even if it does; we can only hope it gets better from here onward.

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