MLB The Show 22 PlayStation 5 Review

MLB The Show 22 is the best release of this series, as it sticks to being a comprehensive simulator with a wide range of features. But it’s hard to deny that this is largely the same game as last year.

By Rayan, Posted 10 Apr 2022

MLB: The Show has been San Diego Studio's annual baseball game since 2006, with a different cover athlete and a few additional features each year. Last year, the series had a landmark year when it switched from PlayStation exclusivity to the next generation of systems. Even though it was a financial success, MLB The Show 21 didn't quite live up to its potential, having sold higher copies than any previous entry in the series. MLB The Show 21 was an excellent hardball game, but it didn't particularly stand out in terms of visuals or new features from previous entries. The team released the game for Xbox last year and has now included the Nintendo Switch. PlayStation owners are all too acquainted with the game. With a few modifications from last year, what has been introduced in MLB The Show 22 is vital to help spice things up.

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This latest installment in the MLB: The Show series is a beautiful new addition that will please returning customers while wowing newcomers with its stunning visuals and gameplay. I have nothing but admiration for how effectively it recreates the popular sport. Particularly on the PlayStation 5, it performs well and seems somewhat realistic at times. A true feeling of atmosphere permeates the stadium, and it is the unpredictable nature of the sport transforms each game into a drama that develops in front of your own eyes. MLB The Show 22 is, without question, the most fantastic baseball game available right now on the market.

Aside from its aggravating simplicity, baseball is a beautiful sport, and there's nothing quite like the experience of hitting that elusive home run, stealing a base, or pitching a clean sheet. The quality of their gameplay typically distinguishes annual sports games, and The Show 22 does not disappoint. There are no major system overhauls here, as SDS continues to give its traditional pitching and hitting systems, with only slight enhancements over previous models.

Fielding is particularly impressive in gameplay since defense seems more vital than ever. There are alternatives when it comes to anything from hitting the ball to pitching. Pitch may be measured using a meter, for example. Alternatively, if you like greater precision, the Pinpoint pitching technique may be used to track your motions precisely. MLB The Show 22 is accessible to players of all skill levels thanks to various difficulty settings, including a dynamic difficulty option.

MLB The Show 22, PS5, PlayStation 5, Review, Gameplay, Baseball, Simulation, Pitching, Batting, Fielding

First and foremost, MLB The Show 22 is visually stunning. After a missed shot, players' facial motions indicate how they're feeling, plus far more. Most of the characters have been rendered in high quality and are almost identical to their actual counterparts. The stadiums are much more realistic, regardless of whether the time of the day. This is a significant improvement over the previous game in terms of graphics. We now have more realistic clouds in our games, the sun seems virtually photorealistic, and whether we are in a game where it is raining or gloomy, the impression has been much enhanced. If you play on a 4K TV compatible with the PS5's features, the colors are stunning, as is the quality that HDR produces. Furthermore, additional cameras have been introduced into the game, such as the home run providing a new and entertaining view of the game.

New fielding animations have made a significant impact and have resulted in some fantastic game-changing opportunities. This year's fielding is more fun than prior years to set up an exciting double-play or tag somebody out home with an outfield canon throw. The Difficulty levels in Amateur and Minors are also worthy of praise since two new options have been introduced to assist novice players in acclimating. While the game is relatively simple to learn and play, there are some more complex skills that you can learn as you go through the game.

The single-player campaign, Road To The Show, returns with a familiar vibe. This is the game's greatest mode for those who prefer to play against the AI. It includes options for customizing our character's appearance and real image featuring athletes and other notable figures from professional sports. The inclusion of new player archetypes allows you to define the type of player you wish more precisely. New faces have joined the podcast series that tracks the player's career in MLB The Show's Road to the Show mode, which continues to be a fan favorite.

MLB The Show 22, PS5, PlayStation 5, Review, Gameplay, Baseball, Simulation, Pitching, Batting, Fielding, Road to the Show

Numerous Minor League Baseball clubs are also participating from the Class AA level and down. You'll get to know many people in the RTTS league throughout the season. As you face off against one other, this grows in size. As has been seen, you and your coach will develop a close bond. A notable difference is that now you may play in two directions at once, rather than just one. The Show's Face of the Franchise rewards scheme relies on grinding XP for The Show's Road To The Show, and it doesn't accomplish much more than that. This is undoubtedly the one mode that San Diego Studio should address in future projects.

MLB The Show 22 sticks to its diverse modes that emphasize more immediate action. The Head to Head, Franchise, Minigames, March to October, Retro modes, and the challenges that we can see in the game are all still entertaining to play. All of these modes, Franchise, in particular, include subtle adjustments that those who want a little strategy may find appealing.

Last year, franchise mode was the most improved option, with considerably reworked UI and a convenient new depth chart. Sadly, the only changes we receive this time around are tweaks to the game's under-the-hood AI and trade logic. Outside of the major modes, the birth of online co-op is perhaps the most significant new feature added. The ability to pair up with like-minded friends and take on rival trios is fantastic, but getting into games with random individuals may be tricky.

MLB The Show 22, PS5, PlayStation 5, Review, Gameplay, Baseball, Simulation, Pitching, Batting, Fielding

The inclusion of Mini-Seasons dramatically enhances Diamond Dynasty. Like the NBA 2K22's MyTeam, this mode is based on collecting cards or stickers to build dream teams to play against the CPU or other online players. Diamond Dynasty is The Show's equivalent of Ultimate Team for novices. To construct a collection of cards, you either grind for Stubs and XP for free prizes or purchase them from the store with real money. Thankfully, MLB The Show 22 is a step back in the sense that it is nowhere nearing the monetization heights of NBA 2K or even MLB The Show 2021, when nearly everything pushed us into playing Diamond Dynasty.

In 2v2, each user chooses six Diamond Dynasty players: three position players, one starting pitcher, and two relievers. In 3v3, each user chooses four players, including two position players, one starting pitcher, and one reliever. The remainder of the Diamond Dynasty lineup will be random Live Series cards drawn from each player's Diamond Dynasty collection. Before the game begins, the captain must choose one of two concealed and random starting pitching choices. The mode allows cross-platform play, letting you play with friends even if they are on Xbox or Switch.

MLB The Show 22, PS5, PlayStation 5, Review, Gameplay, Baseball, Simulation, Pitching, Batting, Fielding

Playing this game at 60 frames per second on PlayStation 5 is quite handy while attempting to keep up with a ball traveling at 100 miles per hour. Combine this with haptic feedback, which allows you to feel every hit, catch, and dive, giving you the impression that you're playing the game. As is typically the case, the game's audio is excellent. Everything is audible, from the people in the stadium to the sound of the ball making contact with the ground. You can hear the weather effects if you have high-quality headphones, especially when it's raining.

MLB The Show 22 is probably the best release of this series. MLB: The Show, in terms of yearly sporting games, sticks to being a comprehensive simulator with a wide range of features to attract a wider range of players. Even with a few new features like online co-op and commentary, I can't deny that this is largely the same game as last year. Although the fundamental gameplay is still great, it's becoming impossible to overlook the lack of ambition in the series. Fans new to the series will love playing it, but the veterans won't brag about this latest release.


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