PGA TOUR 2K23 PlayStation 5 Review

PGA TOUR 2K23 After a two-year hiatus, PGA Tour is back and better than ever.

By Kratos, Posted 16 Oct 2022

This is a special time to be a golf fan, not just because it is the return of the annual PGA Tour. But also because the best gaming franchise in this sport has returned. PGA TOUR 2K23 is finally here and aims to surpass its predecessor. Golfing has been a big part of sports gaming for decades. Whether you are a golf fanatic or simply a casual, the games of the sport are incredibly enjoyable and leave gamers wanting to play more of them. The sport is admired to a point where other games have their own adaptations.

For example. One that comes to mind is the likes of iconic gaming figure Super Mario having his own franchise of golfing video games. With the series stemmed from 1987. And the latest one had released last year. With every one of these games, there is always that one end goal. To achieve a hole in one. Players will get that special feeling whenever they achieve even one of them.

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Golf has some legendary players, and of course, one of them is the man himself, Tiger Woods. Indeed, he has an outstanding collection of honors. Still, most importantly, he also revolutionized the sport of golf forever. Because of that, he is widely regarded as one of the best golfers of all time, and on top of that, he is also cited as one of the greatest athletes of all time. This has conveyed into the gaming world, and he has his own PGA Tour franchise. These should emphasize the impact Tiger Woods had on the world.

PGA TOUR 2K23 is the latest installment he features in and has made a return after a two-year hiatus. Therefore, with the extra time that was taken, there are expectations that this game will not only be better than the last game but also the best-golfing game ever developed. Although PGA Tour 2K21 received mostly positive reviews, it still needed some improvements made. Other than that, the game was seen as the most realistic golfing experience in a game.

Now, has PGA TOUR 2K23 gone even further and brought more authenticity to a player, plus has it addressed at least a few issues? Well, the developer has promised that this installment will provide the most authentic golfing experience to a gamer. Plus, this is officially the first game of the series to become available on a current-gen console. So, there wouldn’t be any surprises at all if this was the case.

PGA TOUR 2K23, PlayStation 5, PS5, Review, TopGolf, Gameplay, Screenshots, Tiger Woods, NoobFeed

Well, it is off to a good start because players can be able to tee off with some of their favorite pro players. This is the first time this can be done in the franchise’s history. It's about time; you can use real-life pros in casual modes or online. The game has put more respect for women golfers as they are now available as playable characters. There are over 14 pros players can choose from and express themselves to the fullest on now 20 fully licensed courses. They have added three more than the predecessor, and you now have more options. 

Legendary NBA player Michael Jordan and Golden State Warrior, and also current NBA world champion Steph Curry are both playable characters. This is a pleasant surprise, especially for NBA fans. The developer has done well to add much more flexibility in player and course selection.  

Speaking of courses, if a player ever had an ideal golf course, they can now implement their ideas with the return of the course designer. This is an excellent feature in PGA TOUR 2K23 because it allows players to use their creativity to build their dream environment. Plus, they can share it online with the gaming community. 

Another thing that has a debut is the TopGolf, which is the best way for players to have target practices, but at the same time, claim high scores. Funnily, it’s like your brain is split in two. This game mode will benefit the pro PGA Tour gamers or the casuals. Mostly, the casuals.

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MyCareer needs much work. Mainly because it doesn’t feel rewarding when you are participating. You can choose to battle against some of the best pros, including Tiger Woods. But there isn't much else to do. The mode has many customization options. However, all of that grinding is just to get very little out of it. Has promised that this mode will be “back and bigger than ever”, but there is minuscule evidence of this, and just sounds like hyperbole. This makes NBA 2K23’s version seems far more worthy of playing.

MyPlayer, however, doesn’t reflect that, fortunately. In fact, this is one of the most significant changes that were made, in comparison to the predecessor, and brings your player customization more to life. PGA TOUR 2K23 now has brand-new skill trees and archetypes. These advanced metrics are much easier to gain a better understanding when identifying a player’s strengths and weaknesses. Plus, being able to figure out the correct balance that perfectly fits a gamer’s play style.

PGA TOUR 2K23's new 3-click-Swing control system is another addition that takes this game to the next level. To explain further, with this new swing mechanic, you are required to hold the X button, then release the button, and then you will have to press the X button again. This hugely benefits players who are more comfortable with the buttons rather than using the analog stick to swing. It’s a mystery as to how this wasn’t a thing years ago, but it’s great that it’s finally in the series. The analog mechanic is still there. But you now have two options to swing.

PGA TOUR 2K23, PlayStation 5, PS5, Review, Gameplay, Screenshots, Tiger Woods, NoobFeed

PGA TOUR 2K23’s courses look, feel and play better. Not only are the golf courses gorgeous, but so are the pros; with their attire and gear, the clubs and every other object in the game look almost photorealistic. The ball reacts much more naturally to your hits. But it’s also the little things, such as the grass movements during winds truly add the realism you crave as a gamer. 

The atmosphere is just the cherry on top, with the sounds of the club hitting the ball, climate change, audience reactions to your performances, soothing commentary, plus many more. A culmination of these will have you sensing you are performing in real-life environments. And they're more attractive on a current-gen console and playing on a 4K resolution.

However, the facial animations are very weak. The faces of the pros look lifeless. Regardless of how you are doing in a session, you should see a range of emotions. With this game, you see almost nothing. Plus, you are also lacking in animation customization. You are unable to even build your own swing, which would have done wonders.


In the end, PGA TOUR 2K23 offers one of the more authentic golfing simulation experiences till date with brand new 3-click-swing controls along with brand new archetypes and skill trees. Its stunning graphics and natural atmosphere increased flexibility in player selections. However, MyCareer mode is still uninteresting compared to other sports games from 2K Games, and it’s something that needs further improvement along with more substandard facial and swing animations. NBA 2K23 is perhaps the right benchmark to achieve these improvements.

PGA TOUR 2K23 surely transcends its predecessor. It has maintained the realism, has stretched it further by implementing many more, and has done well to make the game fluid and flexible overall. Although, MyCareer has seemingly omitted from the required quality needed to be worthy of playing for the long term. However, the developer has somewhat lived up to their promise and delivered the most authentic golfing experience for a player.

Junior Onunkwo (@PoweredByKratos)
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