Batman Arkham Asylum

By aaqibi, Posted 13 Dec 2009
Just Right
Time Spent:
10 to 20 Hours
The Bottom Line:

The Dark Knight has been a star in video games since long but no game hasn't even come close to the Batman phenomena, Rocksteady's new Batman AA is a new game based on Batman and for the first time ever, You will feel like you are the batman

PROS = Visually Stunning Graphics, Tempting and innovative gameplay design, Superb Storyline, Easy to learn and hard to master combat mechanics, Awesome Soundtrack, Brilliant Voice Acting, Great Presentation, Grows on You, Great Extras including Riddles and Challenge Mode.

CONS = You'll have to play majority of game in Detective Vision, Villain Encounters (Boss Battles) are relatively easy

FINAL WORDS = In one Word It's "Innovative", If you are playing games from far too long, You'll easily notice that there are very few games which our entirely unique to what we have seen from time to time. And being unique is not only thing, It should also be fun. Batman AA is a wonderful masterpiece which is innovative and addictive. Batman AA doesn't has a single dull moment and is the best super hero game ever released.

The story is entertaining, The fighting mechanism is unique, You will be either doing normal brawler type combat with one attack and counter button or you will be fighting from the shadows by using one of batman's wonderful equipment, The Combat System is Easy to learn and to hard to master although the AI feels dumb some times but still this never makes the game boring.

The Graphics are superb and Visual presentation is stunning, The Sound and Voice Acting is Top Notch and you'll want to listen Riddler and Joker again and again. The Extras are unique and addictive You will find it hard to stop yourself from completing Riddler's Challenges (Collectibles).

The Challenge mode is a special mode where you have to fight some goons in either Stealth or Brawler style, It also has some requirements to meet in order to earn good ranks, This mode is really really fun and you wouldn't want to stop until you have completed all of the challenges.

The Villain Encounters or Boss Fights feel like they could have used a little more work but are still very entertaining and the detective vision is great but you'll miss majority of game's beautiful environments due to this.

Batman AA is one hell of a ride, Which every Batman fan and Gamer will enjoy and once you pick it, it'll be hard to put it down.


RATING = 10 out of 10

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