Rage doesn’t do anything revolutionary but it is a well-developer, polished, and excellent game.

By Grayshadow, Posted 07 Oct 2011

id Software is notorious for delivering new standards for the gaming industry and Rage isn’t any different. Built using id Tech 5 Rage is one of the best looking games ever made, with fantastic animations, artistry, and smooth performance. id attempts some new things such as weapon customization, detailed story, and vehicle combat. This is a gorgeous game that will encourages you to explore, unfortunately there is little to find off the specific path. Though Rage looks like it has a lot to offer in the end you’ll find yourself wishing for a better story, multiplayer, and missions. However the stunning single-player adventure is lengthy, rewarding, and exciting, ensuring that this venture alone is worthy of the stand alone price.

Rage, Review

Rage looks and sounds amazing. The postapocalyptic world has never looked better with detail packed into every environmental setting and character detail. Everything from the character animations to the dusty environmental setting showcased incredible emphasis on detail. Every character has their own personality and combined with believable performances through some incredible voice acting. With such a lively cast the world of Rage feels alive, and your mercenary contribution makes you feel like you’re part of it.

The story of Rage isn’t anything interesting. The player takes control of a survivor from the world before it became a wasteland, emerging from a fallout shelter known as the ark. People who emerge from these places are high-valued targets by the new dominating organization known as the Authority because they have alterations to their body that the Authority wants to use for their own purposes. Overall the story is dull and seems only to fulfill a purpose went you are in need of a new objective in order to herd you further into the game.

Though id attempted to create an elaborate and engaging story the gameplay is what makes Rage an enjoyable experience. Throughout the game you will be giving a series of missions that all hinder on the idea of survival. However these missions aren’t anything particularly exciting and the idea that death can become a reality never becomes significant enough. That doesn’t mean you won’t have a fun time completing missions and destroying your foes.

Rage, Review

Combat is a lot of fun in Rage. Every weapon feels powerful and enemies react differently with what weapon you use and how you use it. You’ll be introduced to a lot of conventional weapons such as the shotgun, pistol, and sniper rifle they will come with upgrades and different ammunition types for different situations. You’ll also encounter schematics to build items such as the sentry bot/turret, a bladed boomerang known as the wingstick, mind-control darts, and mine-controlled r.c. cars can be the difference between life and death. Each of these are important for taking out specific enemies and completing objectives. Your enemies include bandits, mutants, and faceless people know as the Authority. These enemies are smart and will utilize many tactics to ensure they come out alive instead of you. If you do die you can be revived using a defibrillator minigame, but autosaves are rare.

Most of the first-person encounters will occur in closed environments but vehicles play a large role in Rage through large open environments. Traveling throughout the wasteland using you vehicle of choice is a thrilling experience because of the amazing sights, spectacular combat, and unlockables through specific jumps. Cars handle well and can be equipped using various customizable options that include weapons, armor, and spiked tires. Killing bandits and winning events allow various ways to project your dominance throughout the wasteland.

Rage host four player competitive and two player cooperative modes. The competitive mode is strictly vehicle combat that has well-made modes that unlock an array of new cars, weapons, and special items. The maps are small and matches can become hectic very quickly. The cooperative mode allows two people to complete for high-scores through stand alone missions by killing enemies to maximize your multiplier and avoiding damage.

Rage, Review

Rage proves what is already known about id. They know how to make great shooters that deliver incredible graphics that put others to shame. Rage does have a lot of content from its ten to twelve hour single-player adventure, cooperative, and competitive modes. Despite id attempting to use story as a driving point throughout the game it is the solid controls, combat, and visuals that make Rage a memorable experience. Rage doesn’t do anything revolutionary but it is a well-developer, polished, and excellent game.

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