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By canana, Posted 03 Sep 2012

Sound Shapes is a game which mixes action, platforms, puzzles and music. Developed by Queasy Games (Everyday Shooter), the title reinvents genres and provides a unique gaming experience.Your goal is to transpose a variety of mazes collecting items along the way. The difference is these objects that should be caught also serve to compose the soundtrack for the level. As soon as you pick up items, the background music becomes more complete. The idea is to beat each stage with a complete song.

Best of all, the title also has a tool for creating stages. You use the touch interface to select the PlayStation Vita rhythms (items in the area) and position them as you wish in your own stage. Moreover,your creations / compositions can also be shared with other players. Sound Shapes is one of those games that are very easy to learn, but difficult to master. Once the game starts, a short tutorial is presented to the player regarding the game's basic mechanics. Playing a small sphere, you can walk through scenarios and make your way to the end. Additionally, you can stick to any colorful platform and climb walls or walk up through the ceiling. With the square button, you can unglue up and running faster by environments.

Sound Shapes Review

If there is something that impresses in Sound Shapes, it's the whole game seems like a work of art. Each game world is treated like a music album with a different cover and vinyl tracks. Each of these stages is created by a musician and a different visual artist, something that makes the game extremely varied. Therefore, the colorful and cuddly world of the first album "Hello, World" is completely different from the robotic environment "Corporeal" (whose track is Jim Guthrie, the same as Superbrothers: Sword and Sorcery). All this contributes to form a poetic and sensory game that can mess with the player's mind.

Another highlight of Sound Shapes is the incredible and elaborated level editor. To ensure that no one would be afraid to try it, players are asked to create a small level with the editor right after the first tutorial. With it, you can move from the bottom track (putting notes that the player needs to collect), as well as elements of the scenario and different obstacles. Once the work is finished, you only need to pass your custom stage to then share it with the community. Queasy Games ensures that every level is shared.

Who is used to getting a  game and receive free trophies (like push start or simply start the game) may somewhat be surprising with Sound Shapes. That's because the first trophy of the game is obtained at the end of the main campaign. All others are offered for those completing the stages of the two extra modes of the game - Death Mode and Beat School. The first, as its name suggests, is a series of stages that offers a special challenge based on each stage of the game. Much more difficult than the original campaign, they are a plate-full for fans of extraordinary challenges.

Sound Shapes Review

Beat the School is linked to the level editor and serves as a tutorial for those who want to play with the soundtrack in level editor. Each stage offers a different beat or a melody that should be emulated by the player. Although there are an unlimited number of attempts, the mechanics of the challenges are not explained very well and can take a while for players with less musical knowledge to solve the problems. Still, the beats are quite varied and serve as a good sample of what the editor can do.

Announced when the PlayStation Vita was still far from being launched, Sound Shapes was seen from the beginning as one of the best titles available for the handheld Despite its delay (derived from the decision to make it cross-play with PlayStation 3), the game does not disappoint and even impresses by the quality and creativity of its developers.

Much more than a game or a musical platform, Sound Shapes is a unique experience and delivers great fun. Despite its short main campaign, the extra modes Death Mode and Beat School offer enough challenge to keep you busy for some time. The amazing level editor provides the necessary tools for anyone to be able to create new levels and share them with other players. Definitely, this is a mandatory title for anyone who owns a PlayStation Vita and more than recommended for those who can also enjoy it on PlayStation 3.

Marco Cecilio, NoobFeed

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Sound Shapes


Platform(s): PS3, Vita
Publisher(s): Sony Santa Monica
Developer(s): Queasy Games
Genres: Rhythm
Themes: Puzzle, Platform
Release Date: 2012-08-07

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