Pokemon Platinum

By Shindiggah, Posted 22 Jun 2009

Pokémon Platinum is the long awaited special edition of Pokemons Diamond and Pearl. Platinum is essentially a re worked version of these two games; it follows the same patter, is in the same land and has the same Pokémon but adds a whole bunch of new elements to the gameplay. For one, there are several new areas to explore; one of these areas is the Distortion Chamber. It is a strange fully 3D environment that has you character literally walking through distorted walls and on the ceiling. Platinum also has a lot of new Pokémon, and has reworked skings for several of them. (The most major example of this being the new form of Giratina.) Now, instead of sitting here going on and on about the new features of platinum I think I should review it (that is what you are here for after all.


Okay, so first things first, gameplay n platinum is great, in the deep core it is simply classic Pokémon style RPG which is great and works fine. However platinum has also added a variety of extra gameplay elements that truly separates it from your classic RPG or even your classic Pokémon game. This game for one feels a lot more open than the other Pokémon games. For instance, it feels as if the order that you collect the badges in isn’t as set into concrete as it was before, I literally only ahd the forist 2 badges when I went and accidentally stumbled on the 5th badge, and it feels almost as though the game adjusted the difficulty for me to be able to challenge the fifth gym leader with no trouble. (She had Pokémon much weaker than before.) But another aspect of the gameplay that is really great is the variety of Pokémon, there are over 400 Pokémon which for anyone who has been living in a box all this time they are your RPG fighters, you use them to progress through the game and you level them up just like you would a normal character. There is also a huge variety of items and side quests, plus a huge ultimately awesome multiplayer mode that is only slightly dampened by Nintendo’s pathetic friend codes, and you have yourself some wonderful gameplay.

Another thing that Pokémon Platinum should be prided on is its graphics. It has a lush beautiful graphics, which combines the classical top down view of the Pokémon games with beautiful polygonal buildings and environments that truly takes advantage of the DS's power. The attacks Pokémon are all animated very well, they are quite high quality and everything just seems to fit together. The graphics are a bit of a step up from diamond and Pearl but not much that you can really tell unless you are a game conesouir.

Now it is time for me to name my few complaints with Platinum. For one, the game seems a bit too easy, it may just me getting older and having more skill at these kind of games, but at times I literally have to put the game down as I get bored with its simplness. However this rarely happens so it is a very small complaint to say the least.

Another one of my small complaints is it really doesn’t guide you through the story much. In my opinion so far (and provided I haven’t completed the game but I am a good chunk through with it.) the story feels a bit unorganized, and I literally find I am doing everything out of order, this is both good and bad abecuse it almost adds a sandboxy feel to the gameplay but it also can be a bit frustrating fighting wild Pokémon that literally pawn your dude into tomorrow.

Other tha these small complaints Platinum is a great game for any returning Pokémon veteran or for anyone new to the franchise that is looking for a great entry agame to enter into it. So that is why I give it a


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