By Shindiggah, Posted 24 Jun 2009

Prototype is an open world action adventure game for the 360 PS3 and PC. Now, prototype…it is an excellent game, to be honest I don’t even know where to begin with this game…well for starters let’s compare it to a game you already know.


Prototype has aspects that can be compared to Assassins Creed, Grand Theft Auto, the Incredible Hulk, and even Dead Rising. The setting of prototype is in NYC and free to roam wherever you want. Prototype features a variety of combat skills, most of which involving virus mutations in his body. The moves range from simple average moves like punching, and body slamming, to some more advanced combos like throwing your virus spiked arm into the ground and killing enemies up to 200 feet away. The move library is very expansive, however some of the button combos can be a bit complex, and there are a LOT to memorize if you want to get the full experience out of the combat system.

Another key element of the game is the ability to consume people. You can consume human citizens, and then you will gain their appearance. Sometimes when you consume the people they will give you memories of their past experiences with the infected, this is a cool addition to the story however the rest of the story can be a bit bare boned, it is still a nice treat, basically it follows the routine of you being an experiment gone “wrong” (Frankenstein anybody?) and you are out for revenge as you have been betrayed by your own kind. I will not get into too much detail as I hate spoiling story elements in my review, but let’s just say the story takes a few twists from your average path.

Another aspect that keeps the story from holding too much interest is the visuals in the game. While the game does sport fairly well done visuals, it is still nowhere near as in depth as some of the other games released onto the consoles so far this gen. While nothing is pixilated and everything looks like it should there is just a slightly generic feeling to things in the city, and there are only around 15 different model templates of people that are mixed and matched and spread throughout the city. One other note about the games visuals is its draw distance, while the draw distance is fairly impressive you will find that it implements a fog setting that keeps you from seeing the whole city, while the city IS expansive it is not like the consoles could not have supported at least a little further  draw distance. But this is just me nit picking now.

Another area where the game seems to be lacking is enemy AI. Most of the enemies in this game simply follow the sit back and shoot tactic, and at times it can be ridiculously easy to kill them. The only enemy unit that truly shows off great AI is the Hunters, and hunter chiefs. They are extremely intelligent infected units that unlike regular infected humans and the military will actually chase you and well to put it frankly, hunt you. They are extremely intelligent and if you are getting out of reach they will give up on chasing you and simply hide and wait for you to come back at a later time. Plus they fight intelligently, they do not just hack and slash at you, they dodge around and jump a lot so that most of your ground attacks (which are also your most powerful ones) do not hit them. Now, the final area of gameplay that I feel I should mention in this review is the controls and camera, first off the camera, its good, it falls a bit behind at times as you are moving at such fast speeds but other than that it is fine.. Now the controls, are relatively simple, it is almost like a button masher (unless you take the time to learn and buy all of the special combos.) However sometimes the controls especially when you are climbing can get a bit slippery and have messed me up in more than one scenario.

So, to wrap up this long poorly written review I think I will post the negatives of each specific console.

360: has less detail in the graphics and supposedly a smaller draw distance ( I personally didn’t notice anything too dramatic)

PS3: has many frame rate tears and slow downs,

So, all in all I give the game of prototype an: 8/10

Also as a note to whoever reads this I am sorry if it is not well written, I am experimenting with new writing styles so my writing may seem a bit weak for a bit.

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  • avatar RON

    Good review mate. I did some editing to make it look good. I hope you don't mind :)

    Posted Jul 01, 2009
  • nah I dont mind at all, actually I wanted to report that to you I originally did have pics but they werent working it wouldnt let me load it with them.

    Posted Jul 02, 2009
  • Nice review Shindi :) This game has been added in my purchasing list when its price drops down.

    Posted Jul 09, 2009
  • Nice review Shin :)

    Posted Jul 19, 2009
  • I have not seen prototype anywhere in canada! ugh why are we always left out Yell


    Btw nice reviewTongue out

    Posted Oct 02, 2009

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