• There is Still Hope

    Category: Blogs, Posted 30 Jul 2011

    My fellow Noobfeeder friends! It's been a long time since I last been on NoobFeed. Rest asure

  • Apologies for my Absents

    Category: Blogs, Posted 16 Jan 2011

    Hello my favoirte community of NoobFeed.  It's been pretty much a year I think since I h

  • Been Awhile

    Category: Blogs, Posted 20 May 2010

    Hello everybody.  It's been a pretty long time since I was on NoobFeed.  I have be

  • My Week in A Nutshell

    Category: Blogs, Posted 02 Apr 2010

    Hello fellow NoobFeeders!  I've been a busy person these couple past weeks, mainly becau

  • Adventures of Allis Bard (Prologue)

    Category: Blogs, Posted 27 Mar 2010

    The following is the prologue to a story I am working on.  The working title is "The Ad

  • Onward To Progress

    Category: Blogs, Posted 22 Mar 2010

    Hello everybody.  I apologies for not being on for awhile.  I have been tremendously bu


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    My name is Mathew. I am a passionate gamer, I play video games whenever I can. I currently own an Xbox360, PlayStation3, Sony PSP and some classic systems like the Super Nintendo and the PSone. I enjoy playing shooters and role-playing type games. Sometimes I might give a real-time strategy a try. Outside of the gaming world, I work at a private golf course as a dishwasher and prep cook. I enjoy practicing and participating in Taekwondo. I actually have a Black Belt in Taekwondo. I enjoy hanging out with friends as well as making new friends. If you'd like to be my friend, send me a friends request. Also feel free to send me messages and we can talk. I have a Facebook so if you want to add me. I'll also accept friends requests on Xbox Live and PlayStation Network.

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