Prison Simulator PC Review

Posted 16 Nov 2021

Prison Simulator is a first-person simulation game by Baked Games SA. Players take control of a new prison guard on their first day of the job. One also fully c

Happenlance PC Review

Posted 01 Nov 2021

Happenlance is a platformer puzzle game developed and published by Phillip Trudeau-Tavara. The game is very immediately inspired by Getting Over It With Bennett

Midnight Protocol PC Review

Posted 26 Oct 2021

Midnight Protocol is a hacking strategy game developed by LuGus Studios and published by Iceberg Interactive. Players take control of experienced hacker Data as

The Plane Effect PC Review

Posted 27 Sep 2021

The Plane Effect made by Studio Kiku and published by PQube follows an office worker on his way home to reunite with his wife and daughter; the latter of whom l

Encased PC Review

Posted 19 Sep 2021

Encased is a survival role-playing game from Dark Crystal Games and published by Prime Matter. In 1971, a giant translucent anomaly appeared across a vast area

Gamedec PC Review

Posted 17 Sep 2021

Gamedec is an investigation adventure game by Ashar Studios. In the far future, Warsaw has become a divided city with the wealthy living in utopian skyscrapers


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