I Am Fish Xbox Series X Review

Posted 17 Sep 2021

I Am Fish has a lot of positive qualities. The difficult physics-based platforming offers a variety of challenges that test the player's precision and

Life is Strange: True Colors Xbox Series X Review

Posted 10 Sep 2021

Life is Strange has a profound history of delivering emotionally charged tales thanks to well-written characters and deeply personal stories. Whether it wa

Sonic Colors Ultimate Xbox Series X Review

Posted 04 Sep 2021

Back in 2010 Sonic Colors was released to a lot of positive reception, giving Sonic a much-needed boost. Now SEGA has re-released the title for modern

Kitaria Fables Xbox Series X Review

Posted 02 Sep 2021

Kitaria Fables takes a lot of concepts found in traditional RPGs and combines them for an outstanding fantasy adventure. With the protagonist attempting to

The Medium PlayStation 5 Review

Posted 02 Sep 2021

Released back in early 2021 The Medium was met with mostly positive reception. Now PlayStation owners can experience the paranormal adventure of Medium Marianna

Tormented Souls PlayStation 5 Review

Posted 27 Aug 2021

Tormented Souls attempts to capture the classic survival-horror experience, often using titles like Resident Evil and Silent Hill as a reference. The result is


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