The Invisible Hand PC Review

Posted 10 May 2021

The Invisible Hand is a stock market simulator from Power Struggle Games and published by Fellow Traveller. The game begins after a severe stock market crash an

Buildings Have Feelings Too! PC Review

Posted 28 Apr 2021

Buildings Have Feelings Too is a charming city planning development puzzle game from Blackstaff Games where the buildings and businesses spring to life. Rather

Suzerain PC Review

Posted 08 Dec 2020

Suzerain is a text based political management game. Players take control of Anton Rayne and start by selecting his background, education, and early career. This

Chicken Police - Paint it RED! PC Review

Posted 28 Nov 2020

Chicken Police - Paint it RED! is a noir point-and-click adventure where all inhabitants are some form of anthropomorphic animal. The player takes control of fu

Shing! PlayStation 4 Review

Posted 25 Nov 2020

Shing! is an adventure beat’em up that takes place in a Japanese Sengoku-Edo period inspired world. Characters and places are given motifs of feudal Japan

Unrailed! PC Review

Posted 19 Oct 2020

In the world of Unrailed!, the train is always on time. Even in the middle of a stormy night, without any rail tracks, currently on fire, and floating through s


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