City Of Brass PC Review

Posted 03 May 2018

It wasn’t difficult for City Of Brass to stand out when it was first announced. An Arabian Nights-inspired setting alongside the inclusion of a whip as a

Frostpunk PC Review

Posted 29 Apr 2018

When I first signed the law to allow child labor, I didn’t think much about it. I was at the helm of the last city on Earth and in Frostpunk’s froze

BattleTech PC Review

Posted 25 Apr 2018

BattleTech’s sci-fi universe is fraught with scheming, plotting and warring between several noble houses. It’s no surprise then that Harebrained Sch

Extinction PC Review

Posted 10 Apr 2018

Extinction faces you with an end-of-the-world scenario where hordes of Ravenii – giant ogre-like monsters – are rampaging through towns, in an attem

Pit People PC Review

Posted 27 Mar 2018

At the start of Pit People, a giant space bear hits a planet where ghosts, kobolds, robots and sentient cupcakes co-exist more or less peacefully. During a stor

Surviving Mars PC Review

Posted 15 Mar 2018

Planning and preparation are key in maintaining a colony in Surviving Mars and, although it does stumble at times, Haemimont Games’ latest effort does a p


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