Is it a bird?

Hurry Up Rocksteady, bring our hero into the skies and this adopted God sent to us mere mortals from destruction, back into our hearts.

By xC4Lx, Posted 15 Feb 2014

I was asked, what I felt like doing today?
Wide eyed, I responded, I felt like flying around Metropolis.

Oh god, a game from 2006? Are you freaking kiddin' me?

Oh yes, God indeed, Superman Returns: The video game, sucked balls.
Most will know this from any review they can find or having played the game itself.

Superman Returns,The Videogame,Screenshot

It's based on a movie, coincided with the DVD release, because EA required more time, (The redness of his cape was too dark, Lmao) and couldn't have it ready to coincide with the cinema release.

I personally thought it was a porn star without her make up, however, sometimes they do some things better than imagined. A little to graphic?

Flying around at super sonic speed is a blast for the five minutes I want to feel like, well, a Superman. Isn't that why we play games like this, to enjoy the small things.

Using godly powers as heat vision to warm up cold dragons, or freeze breath to cool down hot ones. 

Using his fairly pointless, super breath to push away robots to a safe fighting location to save destruction around the city, which acts as ones health bar, so I don't feel compelled to carry moronic NPCs to a nearby ambulance. I'm just that kind of guy, damsel in distress and all that. 

Speaking of which, what's Superman without Lois Lane, I really thought I could catch a plane or at least save her from a drowning yacht. Nope. 
It's Metropolis, Lois Lane is in it, she is known for getting in trouble and our Supe's job to save her. 

If only we could turn back time.

Why I keep this lacklustre, I wanna say, game? In my collection, is the small things some of which I mentioned a moment ago.

Superman Return,Video Games,Screenshot

Running at Super speed on the ground before taking off, always feels great, breaking the sound barrier while in the air is pretty awesome, even with the below mediocre graphics.  The sound effects making it a little more engrossing.

Slowing down mid-air is kind of cool too, slightly dark cape flapping around in the wind before heading off in the opposite direction, just for the hell of it. I ain't saving no cat fool.

A few extra minutes of fun can be found in throwing large objects towards the heavens and chasing it, catching up to it and then racing it back down. (Recommend giving it a head start)

You can't do much in this title but the good things you can do, are pretty fun, albeit for five maybe ten minutes.

I guess all that's left to say is, Hurry Up Rocksteady, bring our hero into the skies and this adopted God sent to us mere mortals from destruction, back into our hearts.

Don't ask, Don't get...

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  • I recall this game. But I didn't want to play it the moment I saw the trailer. Looked as if they were trying to promote the movie and we all know that superhero games suck anyway, except for Batman games. You're recommending to play it, but I guess I'm still going to pass. Never been much of a Superman fan really. Just out of curiosity, is this a review? If it’s so, then you should try adding some images to make it look like so. Add some images anyway. It helps to get a picture of what you’re reading about.
    Posted Feb 16, 2014
  • @SnowWhite First, The pictures are coming, unfortunately, I'm not in my own country and have no real access to a Laptop, been doing everything from an iPad with limited internet access.

    No, lol, this is not a review, it's a blog, opinion article. Although, I now realise how it can be seen to be a review.. I'll try to make it more clear if I write another opinion piece.

    I'm not at all recommending to play it, I actually berated it, to Quote myself, "I personally thought it was a porn star without her make up" that's not a good thing, or "Superman Returns: The video game, sucked balls" that could be a good thing I suppose?... Lol
    I even went as far to say, it's only fun for 5/10 minutes. I've taken longer shits than that, hahaha.

    I'm glad you mentioned Batman, I'm assuming you're talking about just The Arkham series, the older Batman games I couldn't get into, although I do recall finding small moments of joy from Batman Begins.
    I was just stating that, what Superman can do in this game, is kind of cool, much like swinging around in New York City or Transforming on Cybertron, just not with the same longevity, as those titles.

    Finally, imploring Arkham Series (except Origins), developers, Rocksteady to create a new Superman game... Sounds like a good combo and worth asking.
    Posted Feb 17, 2014
  • I like opinion blogs when they are open like this one. It's easy to learn about a game because reviews can be more tactical at times when they come to verdicts. Even though it did sound like you hated this game, especially how you pointed it out again at the comment towards Kim, but I too kinda felt you enjoyed playing it. One of those love-hate relations you grow with certain games. You know what I mean! If not anything else but flying around meaninglessly perhaps. Then again, I’m glad that you didn’t really recommend it, because I remember playing it on PSP and it truly sucked balls. The control was easy but there was hardly anything to do around the game. May be with the lights of many open-world games being made these days, it could be a much better game if delivered now compared to what we could expect back then.
    Posted Feb 17, 2014
  • @Naomi The words, Nail and head come to mind.

    I'm glad you enjoyed the piece, I do love mindlessly flying around for a few minutes, but it won't go in my console unless I feel it. My feelings tend to rule me.

    I just love comic book characters, I have almost all the games in my 360 collection.
    So wether I want to feel like smashing up New York as the Hulk or beat down some Hydra punks as Captain America, for a very small price, as all those games sucked as @SnowWhite mentioned, I can.

    Although, I did love and again, sadly own, most Spider-Man games.

    It would be great to get a proper experience like Batman Arkham Asylum and City. Origins was good but not great, I'd rather play the first two again.

    I do think SnowWhite has a point though, complete clarity is something I can work on. Second piece and all that jazz. Lol
    Posted Feb 17, 2014
  • @xC4Lx You didn't have to repeat them, I got you at the first time. I can see that Naomi has explained it better. And as for Batman games, I never played anything from the past other than the Arkham series. And I agree that if Rocksteady makes a Superman games based on the Arkham series mechanism, it has to be good.
    Posted Feb 18, 2014
  • @SnowWhite I didn't mean to offend you, I misunderstood the meaning of the comment, but if you agree with Naomi then it makes me smile, simply because you understood what I was trying to do with the piece. As always I appreciate the transparency.
    Posted Mar 03, 2014


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