Skyrim Has Stood The Test Of Time

Above all the remakes, it is still an amazing game.

By Kaz, Posted 20 Jun 2020

11/11/11. An amazing date for marketing and simply so memorable for the many fans of this game remember that date, for many people it was their entry into the series and that can be for many different reasons, it was heavily advertised at the time and alongside that, compared to the earlier entries of this game, Skyrim was a lot simpler in gameplay. Abilities go up naturally as you play, so there was no need to pump points into separate abilities as you levelled up, all you needed to do was play what you enjoyed the most. The worlds lore was also just as easy to understand as most people are familiar with the idea of Dragons and world domination so there isn’t too much you need to know about the larger story and world. Even though there is still plenty to learn and if interested there are plenty of books in the game that can prove useful to anyone who as interested enough to learn more about this world. The emphasis was always put on the most enjoyable part of the game, adventuring the world you were given and discovering it all. This was before every second game was open world and it had less cookie-cutter content, nearly all dungeons had the same-ish layout but where unique in different ways and still fun to go through. As well as different kinds of interesting quests and groups to join that are just as interesting.

Skyrim is amazing and was the best game of its year.

Skyrim has been re-released time and time again so if you haven’t played it yet, there is very little stopping you, past generation and this generation, the Special Edition is there with all the DLC’s. On the topic of those, they aren’t that bad. Not as good as past Elder Scrolls DLC’s but still enjoyable. Dawnguard is about vampire hunters or being a vampire who wants eternal darkness, as a vampires only weakness is the sun, his motives make sense. Will you choose to go along with all his plans? Or slaughter everyone at the start and purge the Vampires from Skyrim. There was also Hearthfire, a fun home building simulator and also allowed you to adopt Skyrim’s lonely orphans and give them a place to live. It didn’t have anything to do with world domination but was simply cute and you finally had a nice lake house to store away your pounds of junk. Lastly was the biggest DLC which added more to do in an already huge game. Dragonborn allowed you to travel to a new land called Solstheim, new weapons and armour to discover as well as a whole new race of creatures and a lot more quests. These DLC’s are all worth playing. The thing that makes Skyrim stand the test of time is most important that it surprisingly still looks amazingly beautiful and sound great. The tall snow-covered mountains looking down at the peaceful villages. And normally I wouldn’t mention sounds generally but this game does it so well it needs to be mentioned. Walking around and the general ambience of villages and towns.

It would surprise me if you run out of things to do in this game but even if you do, there are thousands of passion-filled mods that were created by true fans and it would surprise you that Bethesda didn’t put these out first. So this is the reason people come back to this game time and time again, it is reliably fun and you discover new things to do every time you play it, all the different character’s and there reactions change a lot depending on the way you play. 

Archil Ninua,
Junior Editor, NoobFeed

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