Saint Row Will Reboot In 2022

By NestiShy, Posted 06 Sep 2021

Deep silver volition has announced the reboot of the action video game Saints Row. The game will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox, and Xbox Series X, with three versions available to choose from, including the standard, gold, and platinum editions.

Saint Row comes with four islands, and each has a part of the story. The story is about three youths who want to rise and become self-made, based on the mythological city of Santo Ileso - which stands for steel anti-heroes outlaws where they fight off the criminal. Gamers can start enjoying the adventure from 2022, experimenting in a world affected by an economic crisis and a high crime rate. Additionally, the criminals meet in a hideout to plot their next move with plans to take over all islands and make it their own.

The player can use weapons like miniguns, katana, and others to kill enemies while sliding and jumping through the enemy's car to the next destination. Other ways of transportation include bikes, cars, tanks, and aeroplanes. Even better, the player can purchase real estate properties such as bars, shops, and apartments. That helps the player to earn in-game cash for free to buy various things such as upgrading one's property or getting more training.

While playing this game, you can use the money earned from your property investments and legal businesses to buy luxury items for your hideout, including furniture and murals. While speaking at an interview, the game developers also revealed that gamers could expect more drastic changes from the new editions as they've continued doing since its inception. 

Many fans have remained skeptical about the reboot's success, as the developers have remained mute about the franchise for a long time. However, the overhaul of the Saints Row formula is a profound change from its predecessors, and the developers believe there's no reason for fans to worry. After all, the franchise has undergone lots of changes since its inception in 2006. 

According to Volition's creative director Greg Donovan, there are several notable changes from other versions, and fans can expect to be impressed once the new version is unveiled. Donovan also dispelled any worries emanating from the expected game mechanics.

Fans were enthusiastic about learning more about the character customization options that players can expect from the game. According to Donovan, there will be a wide variety of clothing items available for players to make their character look however they please. The clothing options will also seem quite different; fans can expect different looks for men and women. 

The developers also revealed that there would be many customization options for the Saints Row characters. In addition to clothing, players can customize their appearance with tattoos, glasses, and piercings. Each character will have a lot of different accessories available to them as well. When asked why alien characters have facial tattoos, Donovan explained that it's a cultural thing for them.


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