5 Awesome Games You Can Finish Under 5 Hours

Sometimes, you just need to finish a game in one sitting.

By Yagmur, Posted 17 Apr 2022

We all know and love AAA games. They offer a wide variety of worlds for the players to explore. We pay the full price for them because we aim to play them for many hours, and most of the time, we do just that. Even after we finish the main story, which takes a lot more time than we originally anticipated, we still stay to do the side quests and gather all the collectibles. In an open-world game, we like to explore every corner of the expansive world in front of us.

And often, by the time we finish the game, we realize that we have spent over sixty hours or so. That’s a long time. Even if it is not an open-world game, the main story usually takes a lot of our time, and sometimes we lose interest when we finally get to the end of it. Although a game over fifty hours is not always a problem, it is only natural that sometimes we just want to enjoy a good interactive story and lose ourselves for only a few hours to see the end.

Suppose you relate to this story, good news! I made a list of all the games that saved me from this never-ending cycle of giving a chunk of my life to a game and losing interest in it after thirty hours but feeling like, “I have to complete the game now; I’ve come so far!”. These games helped me a lot, and I hope they help you as well.

Gris, Devolver Digital, Indie games, Nomada Studio, Games finish under 5 hours


If you are interested in artsy games, there is a huge probability that you have heard of this game at least once in your life. Gris is made by an indie developing studio, Nomada Studio, and it only takes about three and a half hours to finish the entire story. The puzzles are fun, the story is emotional enough to wet your eyes, and the visuals are breathtaking. You play as a young girl who finds her way through grief. In under five hours, the story unravels slowly, and you realize that you did not just play a game but experienced something that will stick with you forever.

A Short Hike, Adam Robinson-Yu, Indie Games, Games finish under 5 hours

A Short Hike

Developed by Adam Robinson-Yu, A Short Hike is a short and sweet experience that will leave you wanting more. The players follow the story of Claire, a sweet bird, who came to the Hawk Peak Provincial Park to visit her aunt. Though the view is something to behold, there is a fundamental problem: There is no phone service! Claire can only get cell phone reception by reaching the Hawk Peak. The game’s main objective is to help Claire climb the mountain, and you can reach it within merely one and a half hours. Yet, with its beautiful semi-open world, incredible soundtrack, gorgeous visuals, and fun mini-games, it is only natural for you to stray away from that main goal to go exploring.

Evan's Remains, Whitethorn Games, Whitethorn Digital LLC, Indie games, Games finish under 5 hours

Evan’s Remains

Another short and sweet experience, Evan’s Remains is a puzzle game with a story adorned with elements of many genres such as science fiction and mystery. The entire game can be finished in under three hours- and the story is captivating and the gameplay. The visuals of this game are incredible. The art leaves you wanting more! The story is mysterious and fun to follow. Furthermore, it has the power to make one feel twenty different emotions all at the same time. This game offers so much for an interactive experience that can be finished in one sitting.

Oxenfree, Night School Studio, Indie games, Games finish under 5 hours


Oxenfree offers more than ten hours of playtime if you want to see all the endings, but if you can be content with getting one ending that can satisfy you, it will take around four hours. Developed by Night School Studio, this game tells a thrilling story that encapsulates supernatural elements and leaves so much to you. There are fourteen different endings, all of which depend on your choices, and at least one of them is guaranteed to leave an impact on you. Oxenfree may not be a well-known game, but it deserves to be!

Moon Hunters, Kitfox Games, Indie games, Games finish under 5 hours

Moon Hunters

Moon Hunters is another game that can take you either ten hours or only two, depending on what you expect from it. Moon Hunters is a fun RPG with incredibly cool and creative mechanics that more games need to employ. The game can be played with 1 to 4 players, which means the entire friend group can participate in the fun. The most incredible mechanic is that each character finds its way into the main story slowly. At the end of one play-through, you see a scroll of everything your character has achieved and a short explanation of how your character is integrated into the story. At this point on, every play-through shows how the lore has been affected by your character and choices. NPCs talk about your characters; it truly feels like your impact shapes the world. Moon Hunters is an incredible experience both with friends and by oneself, and it is something worth looking at.

Yagmur Sevinc (@yagmursevvinc)
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