5 Biggest Map Changes to Fortnite Season 5 Update

The Fortnite map has been changed dramatically

By Grayshadow, Posted 12 Jul 2018

Season 5 for Fortnite has begun, making radical changes to the map and more. But what exactly has changed? Here are the 5 biggest changes to Fortnite's 5 map.

1. Soccer Pitch Gone

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The World Cup has ended and Epic Games has changed replaced the field for a grassy outlook with an easter isle head statue. This could mean aliens or just a good location for some great loot.

2. Paradise Palms

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Moisty Mire has been teleported away in favor of a tropical resort called Paradise Palms that houses a luxury hotel, pool, multiple oases, a go-kart track, 50s diner, and plenty of modern homes. Great for close-quarters combat.

3. Viking Ship

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That ax may not belong to Kratos but Epic has included a Viking style area located south-east of Snobby Shores. This area has a giant Viking ship, homes that fit the atmosphere of Norse, and rifts that serve as season 5's biggest change. Hopping into these rifts will teleport the player into the air and allow them to glide down.

2. Crazy Links

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The farmers of Anarchy Acres has been pushed off their land for a modern golf course called Lazy Links. This area has plenty of Golf Karts in addition to pools and tennis courts. Everything a golf course needs.

1. Dusty Divot

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Those who were a fan of the meteor crash site may be disappointed to hear that all traces of the meteor have been removed. Nature has taken over the land with lots of trees, great for resources.

What are your favorite changes in Fortnite season 5? Let us know in the comments below!

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